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Batman: Arkham Origins

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ScrewAttack!Nov 02, 2013
Hugh ThomasNov 14, 2013
Batman Arkham Origins does a lot of things well, combat is still fast flowing and fun, voice acting and storytelling is top-notch and many missions and boss fights were hugely entertaining. Unfortunately, many players will likely find a few too many similarities to Arkham City to warrant a purchase right now, with the world and many of the gameplay mechanics near identical to Rocksteady’s 2011 hit. Arkham Origins will certainly please fans of the series, with familiar gameplay and a surprisingly good narrative and mission structure.
Andy KellyNov 04, 2013
The leap from Asylum to City was dramatic, if not entirely successful, but Origins is so similar to City – even repeating some moments verbatim – that it feels more like an elaborate expansion than a proper sequel. It's obvious Warner Bros. wanted another Batman game on the shelves while Rocksteady worked on the next one, which makes the whole thing feel a bit cynical. Yearly sequels can bleed a great concept dry, and the Arkham series deserves better.
Adam SesslerOct 25, 2013
Joshua BruceOct 25, 2013
While I still believe that Batman: Arkham City is the best game in the franchise, Batman: Arkham Origins is a close second. The culmination of what has been cultivated in the previous games is apparent, and what you get is the cleanest and most accessible Arkham title so far. Even though the game doesn’t really expand much from what is done in Arkham City (although there are a few additions), it still feels fresh and fun while retaining the things that fans love about the series–great combat, an open world, and tons of villains.
Dan StapletonOct 25, 2013
The Verdict Batman games are like pizza: even when they’re not very good, they’re still pretty good. Next to Arkham City, Arkham Origins is a bit of a disappointment in its lack of new ideas and use of win buttons, making it the least interesting of the trilogy. But as excuses to dive back into the excellent free-flowing combat and predator takedowns go, this story isn’t bad.
MachinimaOct 25, 2013
Bill HessOct 25, 2013
The overwhelming sense that you’ve been here and done this before are unavoidable in Batman: Arkham Origins. Despite an excellent story and a ton of content, there’s very little that has changed in the last two years. Batman: Arkham City being such a good game, and Origins being so similar, makes this game good by default — but it does feel formulaic. If it wasn’t for the exceptional story and tie-ins to the previous games, it would feel almost unnecessary.
Jim SterlingOct 28, 2013
If Batman: Arkham Origins does one thing well, it's epitomize the kind of exploitative garbage that has steadily eroded so much faith in the so-called "AAA" gaming scene. When publishers whine and moan about piracy or used sales, this is the kind of game you can point to when you ask if it's any surprise that so few customers are willing to gamble $60 on a brand new game. This is the kind of game that, when publishers panic over flagging sales, you can hold up and say, "You did it to yourselves."
Ludwig KietzmannNov 01, 2013
That's a lot of bad news to take in, and it may lead you to think that Batman: Arkham Origins isn't quite excellent. It's not, and while it is partially a victim of the standard set by the series before, it never seems to justify its decisions. This younger Batman is paradoxically stuck in his future ways, his game re-calibrated into a lopsided, combat-heavy flashback. And as the confused time travelers that we are in this chronology, we can express disappointment when we realize his best days are yet to come - like they did already.
CinnamonToastKenOct 30, 2013
Philip KollarOct 25, 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins presents a version of the popular superhero who is still learning and doesn't seem to totally understand why he does what he does. I just wish the game didn't share those vulnerabilities. Where Arkham Asylum and Arkham City surprised me with their ambition, Origins is comfortable taking the best from what has come before without contributing much of its own or even fully understanding what worked about those systems. It's built on a solid foundation but it doesn't take the world's greatest detective to see that something significant is missing.
Chris CapelOct 30, 2013
If you’re a Batman fan you should already have Batman: Arkham Origins, but anyone else might want to hold off a couple of weeks for some patches to come through. Even with the bugs though I enjoyed the game all the way through for the 15-20 hours it took me to finish (without having done all the side missions yet), and will once again be combing back-alleys and rooftops for those hidden Riddler/Enigma goodies before tackling the Challenge Maps and New Game Plus.
Martin BakerNov 04, 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins feels very much like a rushed job; the map you’re using is almost exactly the same as Arkham City, a lot of the same characters are used, and we’re not even getting the “true” Batman and Joker voice actors (although, admittedly, Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith do a great job). The story is the best in the series but, when it comes to gameplay, Warner Bros. Montreal seem to have taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra and done the exact opposite.
Rasmus Lund-HansenOct 25, 2013
This reads as a harsh review, but the basic building blocks are still in place. And it's a good game compared to others. However it pales when stacked against the previous two masterpieces. The Batman in Origins is seemingly a metaphor for his creators: less experienced, and making the odd mistake.
Meristation StaffNov 25, 2013
Arkham Origins introduce incluso algunos problemas, como algunos pequeños fallos a la hora de realizar acciones contextuales -como enganchar un gancho en pleno vuelo- y algunos desajustes de la misma naturaleza que se aprecia un poco en las fases de infiltración. No es un juego tan impactante como sus antecesores desde luego, pero sigue siendo un juego que gustará mucho a los amantes de Batman y a los que no estén cansados de la fórmula de los dos anteriores.
Álvaro CastellanoOct 28, 2013
Sin alcanzar la calidad de los últimos Batman, Arkham Origins es, ante todo, un gran videojuego de aventuras. Ha faltado inspiración en algunos momentos puntuales, y la falta de novedades lanza un mensaje de advertencia de cara al futuro de la serie. No obstante la variedad de la propuesta, lo bien que siguen funcionando sus mecánicas jugables y la cantidad de horas de entretenimiento que depara lo hacen una opción a tener muy en cuenta para los fans del género y del superhéroe.
Benjamin SchmädigOct 25, 2013
Seine Stärken entfaltet Origins erst, wenn die Geschichte nach der drögen Einführung Fahrt aufnimmt – wenn aufwändig inszenierte Showdowns Batman zum ersten Mal alles abverlangen und er auf dem Höhepunkt seiner Feuertaufe die Maske abnimmt. Ich bin überrascht, dass ausgerechnet seine Charakterentwicklung und die unerwartet spannenden Onlinegefechte einen gelungenen Schlussstrich unter der Trilogie ziehen! Überrascht und versöhnt zugleich. Zeit, Lebewohl zu sagen.
Kai SchmidtOct 25, 2013
Dafür ist die Story einfach zu banal und höhepunktlos. Auch die größere Spielwelt ist im Grunde Augenwischerei, da alles völlig leblos wirkt. Unterm Strich bleibt Arkham Origins zwar ein gutes Spiel, doch fehlt mir die Liebe und Leidenschaft, die Rocksteady in die beiden Vorgänger steckte. Wer damit leben kann und einfach nur mehr vom Gleichen haben möchte, macht mit Arkham Origins aber nichts falsch. Für ein paar unterhaltsame Abende ist das Spiel auf jeden Fall gut.
LoganNov 05, 2013
En ayant la lourde tâche de succéder à Arkham City, Arkham Origins se devait de proposer une aventure aussi bonne que son modèle. L'un dans l'autre, c'est le cas, du moins en termes de technique et de gameplay, mais on lui reprochera malgré tout une absence totale de prise de risques, des nouveautés minimalistes et un multijoueur médiocre. Ainsi, en s'étant beaucoup trop reposé sur le travail de Rocksteady, Warner Montreal est sans doute passé à côté de cette évolution, nécessaire à une saga, qui aurait pu être synonyme d'ajouts intéressants dans le fond comme dans la forme.
Florian VelterOct 25, 2013
Deux options. Soit vous n'avez jamais joué à Batman Arkham City, et vous allez découvrir avec Batman Arkham Origins un excellent titre, très fidèle à l'univers du Chevalier Noir, disposant d'une direction artistique mâture et soignée, d'un gameplay rôdé et assez varié pour ne pas s'ennuyer, le tout saupoudré d'un contenu costaud et de d'une galerie de personnages assez complète.
Hendy WijayaOct 31, 2013
Batman Arkham Origins adalah game action yang sangat bagus, namun tidak ada banyak perubahan dari seri sebelumnya. Bagi kalian yang telah memainkan Arkham City mungkin akan sedikit bosan saat memainkan game ini. Untuk fans Batman dan pecinta game action, Batman Arkham Origins wajib kamu mainkan. Storyline yang menarik dan penuh kejutan akan membuatmu bertanya: apakah Batman sedang melindungi kota Gotham dari para kriminal, atau malah melindungi para kriminal dari kota Gotham?
Johan LindrosNov 05, 2013
Innovation är förstås alltid positivt, men i ett spel där så mycket redan fungerar ypperligt är det svårt att ändra i systemen utan att råka haverera hela balansen. Berättelsen är tidvis intressant - i synnerhet vid de tillfälle de gör medvetna vinkar till att spelet är en prolog - men den är inte riktigt lika välberättad som i de två tidigare spelen. I grund och botten är det ändå fortfarande extremt tillfredsställande att vara Batman och det är trots allt det viktigaste som utvecklarna har lyckats med.