Banner of the Maid for PC
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Banner of the Maid

May 28, 2019
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Developer: CE-Asia
Content Rating: Teen


Banner of the Maid is a tactical role-playing game based on the famous French Revolution, with a twist of fictional fantasy elements. You will be playing as Pauline Bonaparte, a newly-graduated girl from military academy, who is always dreaming of earning herself a position in the upper class. In a journey of visiting her brother Napoleon Bonaparte, Pauline was accidentally dragged into a revolutionary storm in France.

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Des MillerJun 09, 2020
Banner of the Maid is an ambitious tactical RPG with a lot of great ideas on the table. It's beautiful and challenging, though it stumbles a bit along the way. Battles become a chore toward the end of the game, the localization is often stiff and lacks personality, and tutorialization and onboarding could use some work, as I learned a dozen hours later I was using skirmishers completely wrong.
Kyle NicolMar 14, 2020
This one is a bit of a weird one for me. I would have never imagined that an anime-styled tactics game set in the French Revolution would ever be released, let alone work as a decent game in its own right. To my surprise, Banner of the Maid is a decent game, but not without its fair share of issues, be it its underwhelming user interface and occasionally limiting gameplay.
AthanasiosFeb 07, 2020
A good tactical game makes you feel dumb when losing, but Banner of the Maid makes you feel cheated, as it's less about forming a plan, and more about retrying missions to discover what exact "route" to follow. Add to this a heavy lack of balance, some annoying friendly AI, and a needlessly long length, and this makes this Chinese-born SRPG hard to recommend. Its flawless pixel art style, and sexy anime look, are really the only things of any worth here.

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