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Back 4 Blood

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Vince AbellaOct 12, 2021
Back 4 Blood manages to carve out a new space in the world of First-Person Shooters through its unique and refreshing blend of genres that will satisfy new and old players, and keep you going back for more once you’re done.
Andrew FarrellOct 10, 2021
Back 4 Blood is another great multiplayer zombie game, but some serious balance issues force it to stumble out of the gate.
Eric Van AllenOct 18, 2021
Back 4 Blood has the right formula for a good few weekends of co-op fun. If it gets even more support and updates down the line, I could see this taking up a spot as a go-to social game for quite a while to come. Really, it just feels good to have this sort of game back again.
Sam LoveridgeOct 14, 2021
Back 4 Blood is brilliant, co-op fun, with an interesting card system, but it's marred by terrible bots, awkward solo campaign choices, and a lackluster PvP mode.
Kyle CampbellOct 15, 2021
Between its stellar card augmentations, excellent campaign, and jovial tone that creeps into every facet of its design, Back 4 Blood puts some exciting new spins on a familiar genre. Its flippant difficulty spikes and unbalanced versus mode prove not every experiment works out, but its co-op zombie-fighting manages to forge its own identity. Back 4 Blood confidently marches to the beat of its tune rather than lifelessly shamble after distant memories.
Morgan ParkOct 15, 2021
I'm lucky to have played Back 4 Blood the way it's meant to be, because it's some of the best co-op fun I've ever had in a videogame. And while it's a bummer that Back 4 Blood likely won't have the same mod support that spawned incredible player-made content in Left 4 Dead 2 (it is a live service game in 2021, after all), I'm excited to see what's ahead on Turtle Rock's annual pass. Apparently there's a new story, Cleaners, and special Ridden types on the way. Count me in.
David MorganOct 20, 2021
At every turn, Back 4 Blood frantically alludes to its superior predecessor, digging its own grave as it crumbles under the weight of blasé characters and overly complex systems.
Francesco De MeoOct 12, 2021
The excellent map and mission design, the huge variety of builds made possible by the card system, and satisfying gameplay make the game by Turtle Rock Studios the one to get for those who have a team of friends ready to take on hordes of undead, but those who are looking to play the game solo would do better to look elsewhere, as Back 4 Blood doesn't offer much for those not too keen on teamwork.
Michael HuberOct 17, 2021
garethOct 18, 2021
Back 4 Blood is a great evolution of the genre and while some may want to think of it as a nostalgic update of Left 4 Dead; it offers much of what made the series so enduring as well as new wrinkles that make it a very fun and engaging game and I cannot wait to see more content and releases in the series as it was one of the most fun I had playing a game in years.
Sam WatanukiOct 10, 2021
If you played Left 4 Dead, you’ll feel right at home. Back 4 Blood is a more mature and more bad-ass version of L4D, elevating every mechanic from the former series and making it better while adding in new features that makes playing far more rewarding.
Cody MedellinOct 12, 2021
Back 4 Blood is a fun blend of the classic Left 4 Dead template with a reasonable inclusion of modern traits. The basic zombie shooting brings forth just as many memorable and chaotic moments as the developer's original series, and the game absolutely sings in multiplayer, but the solo experience remains engaging for those who only get along with bots. The modern touches add some depth that doesn't detract from what makes this kind of game so fun in the first place.
Emily ByrnesFeb 16, 2022
So, despite all that, is it Back 4 Blood really worth it? Absolutely! Back 4 Blood is one of those games that you don’t have to particularly worry about grinding, which is incredibly refreshing. Between grinding for in-game currency for dungeon gear in FFXIV, and trying to level up my weapons in Dauntless, it’s nice to have a game I can jump back into with my friends at any point in time and just play. It’s fast-paced, creative, and just all-around good fun.
Chris JarrardOct 15, 2021
Back 4 Blood should fit the bill, though there are several more interesting options out there if you look. At the end of the day, this is an inferior version of Left 4 Dead 2 that lacks the style, charm, gore, and engaging characters it tries to reproduce. That said, there is a decent foundation here and there are worse ways you could spend a weekend with some buddies.
Jonas MäkiOct 11, 2021
Overall, I think Back 4 Blood is a worthy heir to Left 4 Dead. It has everything that made it so great and then some, combined with modern gameplay and lavish production values. Every round will be lined with memorable moments you and your teammates will be laughing at for a long time to come (ask our UK editor what he likes about the game's birds) and it often gets excruciatingly exciting. It's not quite perfect, though, and I hope Turtle Rock overhauls the unevenness of the difficulty levels and sorts out single-player.
Jordan ForwardOct 12, 2021
There’s just so much more to think about, whether you’re in the heat of battle or strategising with your friends in a safehouse. The shooting is satisfying, the zombies gush and spew and splatter with Savini-esque flair, and the campaign features some spectacularly confident escalations. You’ve played that last part before, but Back 4 Blood as a whole is something new. And while it’s far from perfect, it’s also one of the best co-op games I’ve played in years.
Mick FraserOct 12, 2021
Yes, some parts of the game are glitchy, and the almost tacked-on solo mode feels like an actual insult to players who maybe just want to experience this without other people. But ultimately Back 4 Blood is the most fun I’ve had with a shooter this year, and an absolute blast to play with friends.
Adam KerrOct 11, 2021
Back 4 Blood is a solid improvement on the Left 4 Dead formula we’ve all become used to. The game has outstanding moment to moment gameplay that will keep players coming back, and each adventure will provide you with something to keep you progressing through the game. The biggest disappointment is the lack of offline progression, plus the generally poor AI, which means jumping in for a quick game or two offline isn’t really an option.
Hamish LindsayOct 13, 2021
Back 4 Blood doesn’t just imitate the Left 4 Dead formula like these titles, it elevates it past its predecessor. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia for the 12 year old title, or maybe just poor memory, that fuels our rose-tinted retrospection and distaste for something new. Regardless, Back 4 Blood takes the concept to the next level and builds in layers of cool ideas and just plain fun gameplay.
Brodie GibbonsOct 11, 2021
It’s hard to fault the moment-to-moment gameplay of Back 4 Blood when all of its pistons are working in tandem and you’re running with a good crew. Though the effort to contemporise and grow beyond its roots is commendable, just about every other aspect of the game feels like a misfire. The campaign isn’t fun and, more offensively, it pays no regard to solo players.
Fran G. MatasOct 12, 2021
Los creadores de Left 4 Dead vuelven con un auténtico sucesor del mejor shooter cooperativo de zombis, pero con novedades propias del año 2021 que le dan más profundidad y recorrido a la fórmula.
Jose AlbertoOct 12, 2021
Back 4 Blood, sucesor de Left 4 Dead, consigue estar a la altura de sus predecesores, ofreciendo una experiencia mejorada, más profunda, divertida y adictiva. No hay motivos para no jugar a Back 4 Blood, aunque podrían empezar a haberlos si Turtle Rock Studios no enriquece el videojuego con más contenido postlanzamiento. ¡No te lo puedes perder!
Alejandro CastilloOct 18, 2021
Back 4 Blood sabe hacerte disfrutar desde el primer momento. Es de esos títulos cooperativos necesarios para el género gracias a sus posibilidades en el largo plazo y lo satisfactorio que resulta en el corto. Lo sorprendente del trabajo de Turtle Rock Studios es la dureza que propone desde el primer minuto, incluso en dificultad recluta.
Rémy BournizelOct 12, 2021
Ein großer Fehler war es, die gut funktionierenden Multiplayer-Modi aus Left 4 Dead zu streichen. Diese haben das Spiel damals aufgewertet und würden es auch heute noch tun. Der Schwarm-Modus ist nämlich nicht mehr als eine nette Dreingabe, die man ein bis zwei mal ausprobiert, um sich dann wieder der Kampagne zu widmen.
Marcel KleffmannOct 18, 2021
Irgendwie habe ich mehr von Back 4 Blood erwartet - ähnlich wie World War Z schafft es das neue Spiel von den Turtle Rock Studios nicht die Spannung und das fesselnde Spielgefühl der alten Left-4-Dead-Klassiker zu erreichen, vor allem wenn große Zombie/Ridden-Massen auf weitgehend uninspiriertes Leveldesign und kaum kreative Ideen treffen.
Fabien PellegriniNov 05, 2021
Et pour couronner le tout, le jeu n'est pas exempt de bugs, qu'il s'agisse de pertes de connexion, de retour impromptu sur le bureau, d'éléments qui se déplacent de manière saccadée, ou encore d'ennemis pas bien malins qui ne savent pas trop comment se déplacer dans les environnements (coucou les ogres). Tous ces petits problèmes trahissent un certain manque de finition et réduisent forcément le plaisir de jeu.
JeromeJoffardOct 13, 2021
Back 4 Blood est bel et bien le digne héritier des deux premiers Left 4 Dead ! Ça, il n'y a pas de doute. Le titre de Turtle Rock Studios propose un gameplay nerveux et impactant qui sait se réinventer au fur et à mesure de la progression des joueurs grâce à ce système de deck réussi et à ces objectifs variés qui prennent place dans de nombreux lieux différents. Malheureusement, la production manque encore d'équilibrage.
HighJAHkingOct 22, 2021
Back 4 Blood reste clairement une sympathique madeleine de Proust pour tous ceux qui ont d’impérissables souvenirs de leurs longues heures passées sur Left 4 Dead. Avec une technique modernisée, un contenu honorable, et quelques jolies nouveautés comme le système de cartes, le dernier titre de Turtle Rock Studios offre une véritable plus-value par rapport à ses ainés, même si on aurait aimé plus de prise de risque. En effet, le bestiaire n’a quasiment pas évolué, et globalement, on retrouve un jeu de massacre de zombies somme toute hyper classique. Si l’offre était incroyable dans les années 2000, d’autres licences comme World War Z ou Killing Floor sont passées par là, et on aurait apprécié avoir droit à plus de nouveautés.
AekonimiOct 13, 2021
Back 4 Blood est une vraie réussite dans son genre. Si vous avez votre équipe, il ne vous reste plus qu’à vous lancer dans la chasse aux Z.
Sara RechenaOct 19, 2021
Back 4 Blood é o jogo perfeito para jogar com amigos, se tivermos companheiros suficientes para que a equipa não seja preenchida com bots. O título promete experiências complexas, que desafiam as leis da física e da comunicação, mas onde a esperança é a última a morrer, num cenário onde os recursos são escassos, as hordas infindáveis e o caminho é longo, até à próxima safe zone. Por contraste, apresenta alguns erros/ bugs que, apesar de não incidirem no progresso do jogo, desviam a atenção daquele que deveria ser um gameplay focado única e exclusivamente na missão, sem qualquer tipo de distração visual, fora do contexto. Ainda assim, Back 4 Blood tem potencial para ser, atualmente, um dos melhores FPS multiplayer de zombies.
Tommaso PuglieseOct 11, 2021
Il gioco non rivoluziona in alcun modo la formula originale e dunque all'inizio potrebbe sembrarvi qualcosa di ampiamente già visto, ma le novità introdotte sul fronte dei personaggi e delle loro abilità, l'interessante trovata delle carte e i loro risvolti strategici, nonché la moltiplicazione delle armi, dei nemici e degli scenari basteranno a convincere anche gli scettici del valore del nuovo titolo di Turtle Rock Studios.
Alessandro BruniOct 12, 2021
Back 4 Blood non è certamente un titolo perfetto, ma nel complesso la proposta del team californiano risulta efficace e ben congegnata. Va da sé che per goderne appieno dovrete necessariamente trovare dei compagni all’altezza, ma possiamo assicurarvi che il gioco vale la candela.
Domenico MusicòOct 11, 2021
Back 4 Blood testimonia la chiara volontà di riesumare Left 4 Dead modernizzandone la formula. Turtle Rock Studios riesce nell'operazione riproponendo quanto di buono fatto in precedenza e migliorando di molto personalizzazione, sviluppo dei personaggi e gestione delle partite tramite l'uso strategico dei mazzi di carte e degli Sterminatori.
Alessandro AlosiOct 18, 2021
Non uscire con le ossa rotte dal paragone con la propria musa ispiratrice è difficile, eppure, sebbene non sia perfetto e non rivoluzioni il genere, Back 4 Blood ci riesce dimostrando che le idee giuste possono rivitalizzare un gameplay superbo ma già visto. Il Card System è un’ottima intuizione perché offre tante opzioni con cui personalizzare un’esperienza dall’alta rigiocabilità, divertente e sfaccettata.
Алексей ЕгоровOct 18, 2021
«Замах на рубль, удар на копейку» — это про Back 4 Blood. Игра в теории могла бы стать удачной наследницей Left 4 Dead, но этого не получилось. Неплохой и увлекательный в целом геймплей разбивается о множество проблем: излишне рандомизированную систему карт, глупых заражённых и невнятный левел-дизайн.
Ersin KılıçOct 21, 2021
Sonuç olarak Back 4 Blood, arkadaşlarınızla oynadığınızda çok eğlenceli bir deneyim sunmayı başarıyor. Türünün en iyi örnekleri olarak gösterilen Left 4 Dead serisinin yanına yakışır bir deneyim sunuyor diyebilirim. Kart sistemi, rekabete dayalı görev yapısı ve eğlenceli oynanışı ile göz atılması gereken bir oyun var karşımızda. Güncellemeler ile birlikte eklenecek yeni kartlar ve görevler ile birlikte oyunun ömrü uzamaya çok müsait diyebilirim.
Roland JanssenOct 11, 2021
Onder de motorkap is de game dan ook veel complexer dan het op het eerste gezicht lijkt. Het is dan ook zo jammer dat veel gebieden herbruikt worden door de campagne heen, waardoor de game af en toe toch aanvoelt als een repetitief klusje. Op het moment dat het klusjesgevoel binnensluipt is er gelukkig nog de Swarm-modus voor een beetje variatie om je ook wat PvP-vermaak en belangrijke afwisseling te bieden.
uniOct 11, 2021
Back 4 Blood je Left 4 Dead 3, je to pokračovanie, na ktoré fanúšikovia dlho čakali a väčšina z nich si tam príde na svoje. Nie síce úplne bez výhrad, ale vyladenie hry je len otázkou času. Nie je to zlý štart a už vôbec nie zlá kooperačná akcia. Práve naopak, hrá sa to výborne, je to dynamické, pôvodné herné princípy sa zachovali a doplnili zaujímavým kartovým systémom.