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Francesco De MeoDec 19, 2018
Ashen is a very good action-adventure game sporting interesting lore, good character development, and solid gameplay features like combat and exploration. Unfortunately, the game does almost nothing to separate its gameplay loop from the one seen in the Dark Souls series and therefore ultimately feels like a lite version of the series developed by From Software.
Dan N. ScarboroughDec 19, 2018
Ashen elevates itself above the usual Dark Souls clone, thanks to the beautiful landscapes, dangerous dungeons, strategic combat, and great progression system. Add to that an open world which works perfectly, and the cooperative component and you will get the game which stands its ground quite well.
DelrithDec 21, 2018
David MorganDec 21, 2018
Through an embrace of more traditional game design, Ashen's take on the Souls formula ends up feeling welcome, even after countless imitators. A solid quest structure and top-notch world design make this beautiful low-fi title a worthy homage to a quickly aging series.
Joe DonnellyDec 18, 2018
To say Ashen borrows liberally from From Software's Soulsborne series is an understatement, but it in many ways necessitates the 'Soulslike' label. Yes, Ashen echoes the core mechanics of Dark Souls, but it does so which such finesse that it hardly matters. Its passive co-op features offer new insights into the genre, and the variety of its beautiful world is an absolute joy.
Sam PrellDec 07, 2018
Ashen's own contributions to the formula waver between exhilarating highs and frustrating lows, but the former greatly outweigh the latter, and even if it's not the most original journey you've ever been on, it's one well worth taking. There's a lot to love about Ashen, even if you've loved it before.
Jordan RaméeDec 06, 2018
Ashen does more than enough to differentiate it from other Souls-like games. Although its combat utilizes the same stamina-focused mechanics, the inclusion of features that promote a sense of community with the game's characters makes for a wholly different experience. It's frustrating to spawn and see that your computer-controlled partner has a weapon that doesn't complement the one you're using.
Cody MedellinApr 26, 2019
Overall, Ashen is a great title. The Souls formula may be adapted nearly wholesale, but the art style gives the game a different vibe. The presence of co-op at all times makes each run feel feasible, since the odds rarely feel impossible to overcome, and the presence of a community to grow gives you a real sense of progression and purpose. Unless you're completely burned out by the formula, Ashen is an adventure that's well worth checking out.
Jake HillsDec 15, 2018
A single line of a dialogue, or an item description, or the way an area is lit tells you more about the world than the inscrutable cut-scenes. And this is why I think Ashen is going to be a hit. Its gameplay is familiar and fun, but its world is like nothing you’ve ever seen. You have to work to see it all, and you’ll want to.
Dan HodgesDec 18, 2018
Ultimately, Ashen is a novel and quality take on a familiar formula. It brings together well-worn concepts, but it executes brilliantly on the fresh ideas it does bring to the table. Although it may appear just another generic rip-off, Ashen quickly asserts itself as a much more memorable experience that deserves to stand out. The co-op elements add a lot, and they make Ashen serve as an effective entry point to the esoteric and somewhat inaccessible quirks of the Soulslike genre.
Jason ColesJan 03, 2019
I like Ashen, it’s a good game, it would just be nice to see it building upon the foundation of its muse rather than almost copying and pasting it. The world of Ashen is its biggest attraction, the lore is deeply entrenched and really pulls everything together into something that is worth playing through. That being said, if you have played Dark Souls and don’t want to replay Dark Souls, then you aren’t going to get on with this.
Alejandro PascualDec 19, 2018
Ashen es un juego evocador, con un diseño muy particular. Tiene momentos únicos, pero también otros menos conseguidos. Su particularidad es que puedes jugar con un compañero mediante el modo online, pero cuando juegas en solitario la inteligencia artificial no está a la altura. Con todo, su reto va creciendo y logra atraparte sin remedio en cuanto te adentras en sus sugerentes mazmorras, con algunos diseños muy logrados.
Xabier G. SantosDec 24, 2018
Son sensaciones que nos indican que hemos disfrutado plenamente de un juego y que, con justicia, se ha hecho un hueco en esa parte de nuestra memoria reservada a aquellos títulos que nos lo han hecho pasar bien. Y eso, queridos jugadores, eso es lo que realmente aquí importa.
Sascha PenzhornDec 14, 2018
Ashen hat mich echt überrascht! Das Teil macht saumäßig Spaß, auch wenn es nicht so komplex oder umfangreich wie Dark Souls ist. Das finde ich in diesem Fall überhaupt nicht schlimm. Man steigt ein, prügelt sich durch die zugegeben schlauchige und lineare Spielwelt, erledigt nebenher seine Quests und sammelt etwas neue Ausrüstung ein, und 20 Stunden später ist man durch - kurz und knackig.
Olivier MarlasDec 07, 2018
Dans la famille des joueurs à gros bras – ceux qui, par exemple, équarrissent les boss sans potion en affirmant que 90% des jeux contemporains souffrent du virus du film interactif -, il est un sujet qu’on n’aborde pas sans avoir mûrement réfléchi. Une chapelle, un sous-genre que l’on couve du regard sans se départir de sa hache : Dark Souls-like.
[87]Dec 13, 2018
Ashen est assurément une excellente surprise. S'il calque avec le plus grand respect le gameplay de la saga des Souls, le titre de Aurora 44 a suffisamment bien digéré ses influences pour livrer une œuvre personnelle et envoûtante. Doté d'une identité visuelle forte, Ashen propose une expérience certes exigeante, mais assez accessible et lumineuse pour attirer celles et ceux que l'apparente austérité de Dark Souls rebute.
Paolo SirioDec 14, 2018
Nel complesso, Ashen rappresenta un tentativo di semplificare la formula su cui si poggiano generalmente i soulslike ed imporre un paio di trovate escogitate come elementi di differenziazione ma non sempre vincenti. Essendo queste ora assimilabili come il sistema di creazione di build attraverso i talismani, ora complicate e grezze come l’elemento della cooperazione, troviamo che l’aspetto più godibile rimanga l’offerta tradizionale di un action adventure con una componente ruolistica.
Денис МайоровJan 13, 2019
Ashen не просто повторяет формулу Dark Souls, а миксует ее заново, со своим уникальным видением. И если Nioh переосмысливала боевую систему, то Ashen сосредотачивается на вселенной и атмосфере. Получается очень хорошо. Она немного затянута, а сражениям не достает глубины, но это все равно один из лучших последователей Souls-серии.