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Alone With You

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Sophie HallidayFeb 21, 2017
All definitions of ‘game’ aside, Alone With You is an impressive affair that I recommend to anyone who has an affinity for science fiction narratives and/or interactive storytelling. Its tale is both haunting and human, incisively reflective and extremely well told.
Joni RokkanenFeb 09, 2017
Alone With You is a really stylish and well crafted game it terms of theme and design, but it's not for everyone. This is a linear, mechanically underwhelming and repetitive sci-fi adventure. However, for those looking for a piece of unique and stylish storytelling, it could be well worth checking out.
Michael BrownFeb 09, 2017
The repetitive gameplay loop grows old very quickly, which does not help the motivation to push on to the next good narrative moment. The fact that the core gameplay mechanics are shallow and require little more than go here and collect these, leaving the game an overall disappointment, given that the world is certainly an interesting one.
Jörg LuiblFeb 08, 2017
Nach Home gelingt Benjamin Rivers auch mit Alone With You eine richtig gute Adventure-Novelle! Ich wähle bewusst den literarischen Begriff, weil dieses Spiel vor allem von seiner Erzählung lebt. Lasst euch von der Beschreibung „Sci-Fi Romance“ nicht abschrecken, denn hier geht es nicht schnulzig um Rosamunde Pilcher im Weltraum, sondern vordergründig um die Flucht von einem tödlichen Planeten und hintergründig um ein mysteriöses Geflecht aus Beziehungen.