Aeterna Noctis for PC
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Aeterna Noctis

Dec 15, 2021
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Developer: Aeternum Game Studios S.L
Content Rating: Teen


Chaos, supreme god, creator of the Universe and all its inhabits, decided at one point in his creation to make the world of Aeterna. He populated it with different races and appointed wise rulers to show the way. Before long, these beings turned against their creator, grouping into two large groups and giving rise to war, death, and hatred. This angered Chaos who, in his infinite immortality, took it as an insult to his magnificence and cast a terrible curse on the kings of both factions. He named them King of Darkness and Queen of Light and condemned them to fight each other until the end of days. Cursed, even death could not free them from their destiny since, even if they defeated their opponent, Chaos granted them the Gift of Immortality and they were reborn again to regain their power and continue their eternal war.

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Mark EvergladeDec 16, 2021
Aeterna Noctis may not innovate much, but it’s a worthy addition to this sub-genre that any fan of Hollow Knight will be pleased to play, if they can overlook the redundancy of gameplay elements. The frequency of the jumping puzzles will push many casual gamers away, but those looking for a classic, hardcore challenge will find it welcomes you with its skeletal hands.
Jacob ZerankoDec 13, 2021
Overall, Aeterna Noctis is a solid experience with some notable flaws that aren't deal-breakers, but could definitely benefit from a bit more refinement. What it does do quite well is find where its two genres intersect and craft a world and gameplay loop that highlight them quite well. For fans of these kinds of games, Aeterna Noctis is definitely worth picking up.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusDec 14, 2021
I enjoyed a lot of the game, but I remember the annoyances more than the enjoyment. If you're willing to work past that, there's a lot to play in Aeterna Noctis, but it's easy to imagine someone reaching a particularly annoying bit of platforming and moving on to something else, especially because the game's long length can make it feel more exhausting than exhilarating. Metroidvania fans should absolutely give it a shot, but don't expect something as easy to pick-up-and-play as some of the genre greats.

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