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Matt EakinsJun 19, 2017
AereA was enjoyable, just not for the reasons you’d imagine a game would be. The story is great, the concept is lovely, but the execution doesn’t hit the right note. It’s colourful, full of bombastic music and character, but lacks depth and fluid gameplay mechanics. Too many little issues snowball into making the experience a bit underwhelming.
Scott JeslisJun 22, 2017
AereA isn’t a bad game it’s just not an “anything new” game. The cartoony graphics and artwork are well done and highly detailed in some areas, especially the backdrops and the soundtrack is superb, it just feels like too much “been there, done that”.
Alexander ThomasJun 14, 2017
AereA is a family-friendly adventure that bursts with colorful characters and exuberant music. The inspiration of music throughout the game is a wonderfully unique touch and adds on an adorable pinch of character to an otherwise already pleasant game. The RPG and dungeon crawling elements are great, with some truly fun puzzles to overcome as you traverse through various lands in search of the primordial instruments.
Nathan LakritzAug 04, 2017
AereA’s priority is to make the player feel totally engaged in a mystical world that has been fully committed to representing the power of music. I found myself astounded at how many mechanical holes this game contains when its visuals are so contrastingly stunning.
Lorenzo FantoniJul 05, 2017
AereA è un action RPG con un'ambientazione strampalata e originale, ma i suoi punti di forza si fermano praticamente qua. Il gameplay è noioso e sa di già visto, il level design è poco ispirato e in generale non c'è molta carne al fuoco. Tuttavia potrebbe essere un buon gioco per i bambini, data la sua natura "non violenta".
Marco CellettiJul 26, 2017
Inquadrare AereA nel suo complesso è abbastanza facile: è una melodia fin troppo semplice che si ripete con costanza e assiduità, senza cambi di ritmo o di accordi, dall’inizio alla fine dell’avventura, gettando il videogiocatore in un baratro di noia e ripetitività senza pari.
Dennis KossenJun 26, 2017
AereA heeft een geniaal concept en werkt dit goed uit, want de muzikaliteit is terug te zien en te horen in zowel de personages, de omgevingen als de muziek zelf. Het is dan ook jammer dat AereA in de basis gewoon geen vermakelijke titel is. Simplistische en te makkelijke gevechten, overbodige puzzelsecties en levenloze omgevingen maken van AereA een vergeetbare ervaring. Zelfs met wat vrienden blijft de titel te makkelijk en te simpel om ergens ook maar voor een greintje vermaak te zorgen.