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A Mortician's Tale

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Phil SavageOct 18, 2017
So far, in the time since playing I have Googled: "pathology museum near me", "eye caps for embalming", "home burials", "massage for rigor mortis", "how deep do you have to bury a body?" and "can I bury a body myself?". All of those produced fascinating results. Alas, my current search—"can I bequeath my teeth to a friend?"—is not yielding such a clear answer.
Emily ByrnesJul 03, 2020
A Mortician’s Tale is a gentle reminder of our mortality and a quiet reassurance that it doesn’t have to be viewed negatively. Through informative newsletters woven in with the game’s narrative, and the passionate dream of a young woman, we find that there is peace and joy to be found in the arms of family, green alternatives, and the celebration of our passing.
Sam BishopOct 22, 2017
The themes A Mortician's Tale tries to get across, and the lovely manner in which it does that, is worthy of anyone's time, but considering that time will be less than an hour, with no replayability of note, it won't be for everyone, especially when they see the price. A lot of people won't ever see what it has to offer, then, and that's a damn shame, but if you do decide it's worth the risk, we're sure you won't be disappointed.
Manuel FritschDec 26, 2017
Die Einblicke in die Gedankenwelt der besten Freundin Jen und die teils banalen, aber nur allzu menschlichen Gespräche der Angehörigen sind toll, aber zu wenig, um mich vollends zu überzeugen. Das Thema des Spiels ist wichtig und einfühlsam umgesetzt, aber zu starr und linear für das Medium. Trotz dieser Kritik bleibt A Mortician's Tale ein Erlebnis mit einer guten und berührenden Botschaft und es zeigt, wie vielfältig Videospiele sein können.