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10 Second Ninja

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JennMar 02, 2014
10 Second Ninja is great game for playing in either short or long sittings. I found myself playing for extended periods of time when unlocking new stages and shorter amounts of time when I was just looking to beat my personal record in a stage or two. 10 Second Ninja is fast-paced and highly-addicting with a great sense of humor from the very start.
Edge StaffMar 17, 2014
... you’ll feel a strong compulsion to keep playing once you’ve started, but returning for another bout of punishment is surprisingly easy to resist.
Alex CarlsonApr 04, 2014
If you love the idea of speed runs and like the thrill of making every move count to beat the clock, then 10 Second Ninja might be for you. For everyone else, though, 10 Second Ninja is a repetitive and dull game, one whose philosophy on improvement is player-hostile for the entire ride.
Those rare moments are what define 10 Second Ninja. It’s what makes its hooks so damn engaging even at their most infuriating. Why hours of failure is worth enduring for the sweet taste of victory, if only for a second. There may be a few skill hurdles to overcome at first, but once you best them, 10 Second Ninja is nothing short of sublime.
Ben BarrettMar 07, 2014
While it won't be for everyone, Ninja does exactly what it set out to, with style and humour to boot.
Jon DentonMar 17, 2014
Thankfully, Steam is a broad enough platform to offer all kinds of enriching, artful, emotive experiences alongside a sliver of pure gameplay like 10 Second Ninja. In fact, there's art here too - the art of design, of precision and compulsion. 10 Second Ninja is a brief but expertly built piece of work; a game that offers the most hardcore of action-platforming but does so under the guise of simplicity and accessibility.
Laura KempenaarMar 20, 2014
Het feit dat de game je aan het werk zet om deze sterren te verdienen en dat zowel het laden als het spelen lekker snel gaat, zorgt ervoor dat 10 Second Ninja erg verslavend is. De gameplay is simpel, het verhaal is teveel van het goede, maar ergens daar in het midden ligt een hele verslavende game op je te wachten.
Bruce VandeweyerApr 28, 2014
Puur technisch had 10 Second Ninja evengoed een flashgame kunnen zijn. De stijl is cartoonachtig en kleurrijk, wat voor een bizar contrast zorgt met de Nazi symboliek. Let wel: nergens wordt het Nazisme verheerlijkt of goedgekeurd, het is gewoon een erg ongelukkige thematische keuze die haaks staat op de rest van de game.