No Man Sky’s latest update introduces Online Multiplayer, Virtual Reality and alien-mounting!

To infinity and beyond

No Man Sky’s latest update introduces Online Multiplayer, Virtual Reality and alien-mounting!

Hello Games’ procedurally generated sci-fi playground sure had a rocky start, but NMS creator Sean Murray and his small team of passionate developers completely shifts the backlash after releasing numerous free major updates that turned No Man’s Sky into what it’s supposed to be.

After their recent ‘variety update’ called Visions way back November 2018, the team has been working very hard for their ‘biggest’ content drop ever, Beyond. It consists of three major pillars that are much-needed in the game.

BEYOND’s first pillar focuses on improving the game’s growing community by introducing an overhauled Online Multiplayer. Players are no longer limited to 4-player adventures, BEYOND is rumored to have 14-16 players into one server, making every Galactic adventure worthwhile and lively. To bring these players together, they introduced the Nexus, an online-hub where players can gather into one place beyond space and time and travel to their universes.

One of the game’s biggest changes is the second pillar which its Virtual Reality support. It’s a radical new feature that can change the way players experience No Man’s Sky with just a touch of a button. Simply don that VR gear, PSVR or not, and bask in the brilliance of an infinite universe.

But Hello Games aren’t stopping there, yet. BEYOND’s third and final pillar enhances the single-player experience. Players can now tame and mount procedurally generated faunas, ship scaling is more balanced (players are actually tiny now), and other unannounced changes.

BEYOND’s Patch Notes are coming and it will go into detail about the game’s ‘big and small’ changes.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond releases on August 14, 2019 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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