MU Origins 2 Rewards Returning Players in Special Event

Get Zen, experience, and special items

MU Origins 2 Rewards Returning Players in Special Event

MU Origin 2, one of the Best Android MMORPGs, is hoping to bring up their user numbers once more with their latest Special Event that caters to the game's returning players.

Called simply the "Returning Warrior Event," it will be a month long celebration where players who have been previously explored the game's lands will have up to 30 times more rewards, depending on how long they've been gone.

The Returning Warrior Event contains 8 different quests which allows players to interact with people all over the Lorencia continent.

By completing the quests, players will receive Zen, EXP, as well as special items like the Condor Feather and Flame, Anime, Advance Materials, jewels, and so much more.

All of these will hopefully ease players' experience and entice them to continue their journey in the Lorencia.

For more information on the various rewards, you may check out their official website.

The event will run until November 8th. MU Origin 2 is available on Android and iOS.

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