Gwent Card Game Gets a Second Massive Expansion

Gwent Card Game Gets a Second Massive Expansion

After the success of their first GWENT expansion, The Crimson Curse, CD Projekt Red calls upon the banners of the Syndicate in their latest expansion called ‘Novigrad’. Players can choose from a new variety of leaders with unique and unsavory abilities.

In addition to new leaders and a new faction, this expansion will also add new keywords and resources to the game. Crowns can be used to activate the keyword Fees, which activates powerful abilities on specific cards that have it. Another keyword, Profit, increases the amount of Crowns players have. The rest of the keywords, such as Crimes, Hoards and Bounties, can greatly benefit the player due to a new status-effect called Intimidate.

Fresh leaks are already circulating around the internet, showcasing the fresh gold and bronze cards that will change the tide of the Gwent meta.

Gwent: Novigrad releases this June 28th on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players can also preorder the good stuff with 15 Novigrad Kegs, which contains the Eternal Fire Premium Cardback for $20. The second pre-order package includes 20 Novigrad Premium Kegs and a Spectral Fire Cardback for $40.

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