Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns for iOS

Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns

Apr 23, 2019
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Developer: Asmodee Digital
Content Rating: Teen


GET READY, GRAB YOUR WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT. THE TIME HAS COME FOR A... ZOMBICIDE! In their quest for ever greater productivity, humans have genetically altered plants and animals, creating a new world infested by...Zombies! In this post-apocalyptic tactical RPG, you're part of a gang of survivors ready to do anything to stay alive! Cities in ruin, abandoned hideouts, creepy hospitals... Search for food, weapons and shelter in a world that's striving to kill you. You'll be the predator... And the prey! The good news is that Zombies are slow, stupid and predictable. The bad news is that there are dozens of them and the more you kill, the more there are! Do you want to survive? Get ready, complete all your mission objectives and exterminate them all. The only way out is…ZOMBICIDE!

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Campbell BirdApr 30, 2019
Not since games like Invisible Inc. or Into the Breach have I been so impressed with a tactics game. Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns knows just how far to back you into a corner to make you feel the desperation of your survivors, while also empowering you to put together a plan that lets you make it out alive. It may not capture other tropes of zombie fiction so well, but Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns nails the feeling of intense zombie combat so well that you should definitely make some time to play it.
Matt ThrowerMay 31, 2019
For all the undead around as we approach the apocalypse, Zomibicide is one that still seems to boast plenty of vitality. It's just a shame that most of the time it's haunted by a sense that a little more effort could have made it a whole lot better. Still, its mix of light strategy, stat-juggling and quirky humour should win it a decent and deserved fan base. There's life in this old corpse yet.

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