You Must Build A Boat

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Bryan VoreJun 09, 2015
Despite the slight drop-off toward the end and the low replay value, You Must Build a Boat is a great experience while it lasts. For a good six to nine hours, building a boat will indeed become the most important task in your life. Touch-controlled tile sliding feels responsive, and the tiles clear quickly. Your addiction to this game will burn white hot for a couple days, then drop off after completion.
Conrad ZimmermanJun 29, 2015
The short round length and simple, lizard-brain gameplay makes it ideal for either the commute or the commode. Dedicating more attention to it than that may prove to be a bit tedious (not least because of the simple, repetitive music) and the design lends itself far better to touch controls for mobile devices than a mouse, so your better bet is to grab it on the phone and take it with you places.
Campbell BirdJun 08, 2015
You Must Build A Boat improves upon 10000000's originally fantastic match-three formula in almost every way imaginable.
Jillian WernerJun 08, 2015
But all combined, YMBAB is the definitive way to play EightyEight Games’ unique puzzle-RPG-runner, and a notable advancement from the already great 10000000. We gained our freedom, we built a boat, and until another entry in another three years, we will gladly build a boat again and again.
John KimJun 06, 2015
Although the gameplay itself is extremely fun, the concept of the “boat” is the core element of the game. It doesn’t entirely make sense, but it’s goofy in a fun sort of way. As you progress, your boat will collect the monsters, recruit friends, and build up a massive boat in which you can’t help but feel like Noah and his arc.
Shaun MusgraveJun 03, 2015
It's the kind of game that makes you wish someone would invent more efficient batteries so that you didn't have to stop playing for a few seconds to plug a cord into the wall. Now, if you'll excuse me. I must build a boat.
Owen FaradayJun 08, 2015
You Must Build A Boat is such a rare combination of frenetic speed and methodical planning that its closest relative might be Dark Souls. There’s very little else like it on mobile, and it’s an entirely worthy successor to 10000000.
Harry SlaterJun 04, 2015
These extra elements add together to make a surprisingly deep game. There's always something to do here, and while you might get frustrated from time to time when you get stuck on a particularly tricky challenge, it doesn't usually last too long. If you're tired of the whole match-stuff / RPG mash up then you might feel the same malaise towards You Must Build A Boat, but there's a cheery, heartfelt experience here if you're willing to give it a try.
JiikaaAug 25, 2015
Équilibre subtil entre puzzle-game, RPG et chasse aux monstres, You Must Build a Boat est le genre de jeu diabolique, capable de vous faire rater votre station de bus et de vous maintenir éveiller jusqu'à une heure indécente. Ses développeurs sont parvenus à mixer tout un tas de mécaniques déjà connues, mais fonctionnant parfaitement entre elles et habillent le tout avec délice, pour peu que l'on soit sensible au néo-rétro. Cette vraie-fausse suite de 10000000 est donc une brillante réussite.
Andrea PalmisanoJun 29, 2015
You Must Build a Boat sembra essere un ozioso seguito dell'originale 10000000, ma in realtà si tratta più realisticamente della realizzazione completa dell'idea originale, rafforzata da miglioramenti tanto nella meccanica principale che nella struttura e negli elementi di contorno. Anche a causa della conservazione della stessa componente grafica si è però inevitabilmente persa la freschezza del predecessore, motivo per cui You Must Build a Boat appare in ultima analisi un gioco meno incisivo e significativo, pur essendo senza dubbio qualitativamente ottimo.