Woah Dave!

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Jim SquiresOct 30, 2014
Woah Dave! is everything you ever wanted from the early 80?s arcade experience, but better; refined. It has the speed of Super Crate Box, but without the built-in frustration. There’s an element of strategy, but it’s not so deep or complex that you’ll struggle to learn it. This is gaming stripped down to its bare bones. Woah Dave! is the grunge rock of video games, and I’m loving every minute of it.
Carter DotsonOct 30, 2014
This is definitely a game of "keep your head while all around are losing theirs." And to also quote Rudyard Kipling, "Get good, noob." I do wish that the lava could be managed a bit more than it is now, maybe if tossing eggs or skulls would get more of the floor back than it currently gets. For those who enjoy arcade-style games, and I'm talking original Mario Bros. style, Woah Dave is a must, it's a great game to sink a lot of time into again and again.
Nadia OxfordNov 03, 2014
Whoa Dave! is intensely engaging. The action starts off slowly, but doesn’t take its time in ramping up and thrusting the player into a world of hungry mutants and constant egg-rain. There is hope: The “Whoa!” block that falls from the ceiling on occasion lets players ice everything on-screen in a single move. It feels oh-so good to lob that sucker and collect the coins left behind. Fans of chaotic arcade games shouldn’t leave Dave behind, though. He’s a good pal.
Spanner SpencerNov 04, 2014
It's a game that offers intense action and aggravating levels of just-one-more-go-ness, and that means it has something for everyone. Woah Dave! is about three times more fun that it should be, and keeps you playing five times longer than you intended.