War Tortoise 2 for iOS

War Tortoise 2

Mar 5, 2020
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Developer: Foursaken Media
Content Rating: Teen


Take control of the mighty War Tortoise, a heavy tank armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and turrets! Explore a huge world, conquer new lands, recruit units, build defenses, collect resources, and ultimately destroy the enemy!

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Campbell BirdMar 06, 2020
With its endless amount of upgrades and simple gameplay, War Tortoise 2 falls into a category of game I tend to label as “something to do.” It’s not super engaging, it’s mildly satisfying, and probably is the kind of game that fits the bill for someone who just wants something they can check in on while binging Netflix. That said, the game’s sluggish pace can make even distracted play feel painstaking.
Harry SlaterMar 07, 2020
Heroes and Pilots make things more interesting. You can change the driver of your tortoise, or the Pilot, to rack up more damage, but they’re not cheap. The same goes for Heroes – these are massive units that smash anything that moves, but you’re going to need a good chunk of coins to unlock them.
高野京介Mar 06, 2020
FPSとクッキークリッカー系の面白さを混ぜたゲーム性がユニーク。オートモードも内蔵。重厚なグラフィックでユニークな世界観を描くギャップがそれだけで面白い。 動画広告を見て、何度も転生を繰り返さないと勝てないゲームバランス。

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