Vandals for iOS

Vandals (iOS)

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Vandals for iOS
Genre: PuzzleSingle Player
Developer: ARTE Experience
Content Rating: Everyone


Vandals is an infiltration game that will transport you to the most emblematic cities of street art. In this turn-based game, the goal is to sneak around police surveillance and spray walls that grow harder and harder to access. From Paris to Tokyo, via São Paulo, Berlin and New York, follow in the wake of ultra-famous street artists like Blek Le Rat and Keith Haring. With Vandals, you can bomb your alias on the walls of New York like Lady Pink, paint childlike characters like Keith Haring, or get inspired by the poems of Miss.Tic and write your own.
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Whatever you feel about graffiti in real life, this stealth-based puzzler is a ton of fun and is well worth having on your device for the spare moments in your day. Just try and steer away from drawing anything phallic in public.

Emily Sowden Apr 16, 2018



Vandals is definitely a new puzzle favorite of mine. I love these types of games, and Vandals is challenging while looking and sounding amazing. Controls are simple, and you can play the game in whatever position is most comfortable for you. I just hope to see faster menu and scene transitions, because it does get annoying after a while. Still, Vandals is an excellent turn-based stealth puzzler that encourages you to get a little artsy.

Christine Chan Apr 14, 2018

Touch Tap Play


With challenging levels that demand you plan every single move, Vandals is an expertly crafted puzzle experience that will test your urban art skills. Once you execute a master plan and get away with all three stars in a level, you'll be hooked.

Jeremy Apr 21, 2018

Touch Arcade


The counterpoint is that if you haven't played the Go games or enjoyed Deus Ex Go, you'll likely have a good time with this one. Such is the nature of these kinds of games that hew closely to their source material. And it's certainly a credit to Vandals that it feels just like the "real" thing while also honestly having its own catches. I just can't get over the fact that I feel like I've played this before. It's not bad, just that maybe the concept needs to wait a few years before it feels fresh again.

Carter Dotson Apr 16, 2018

Pocket Gamer


Vandals adds some new ideas to a genre that needed them, and it's also an incredible amount of fun.

Harry Slater Apr 12, 2018


Un élément sympathique sur le papier, mais qui devient vite répétitif. Au final, si le principe a déjà fait ses preuves et se retrouve ici très bien exécuté d'un point de vue technique, Vandals ne propose pas assez de variations dans son gameplay pour que l'on puisse y jouer avec intérêt sur la longueur. En revanche pour un trajet de métro, il fera très bien le boulot.

Angel Davila Apr 16, 2018


La campagna offre un totale di sessanta rompicapo e un grado di sfida non banale, che costringe a riprovare determinati livelli ancora e ancora fino a comprendere cosa bisogna fare, oppure a rigiocarli nel tentativo di ottenere tutti i collezionabili e un perfect score. Insomma, se avete apprezzato Hitman GO e Lara Croft GO, ecco un altro titolo per cui vale decisamente la pena spendere qualche spicciolo.

Tommaso Pugliese Apr 20, 2018