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Eric FordNov 20, 2014
Seeing how Vainglory is free, there’s really no reason not to check it out. However, I’d go even further and say that it’s probably the best MOBA on iOS and offers both an awesome experience for MOBA veterans while also providing an approachable avenue for novices. Simply put, you owe it to yourself to check out Super Evil Megacorp’s latest masterpiece.
Neilie JohnsonDec 19, 2014
Vainglory has varied, interesting heroes, simple, two-finger controls, and most importantly—a minimum of fun-killing, antisocial behavior. It's a strong start for a game that promises great things not only for itself, but for MOBAs in general.
Brittany VincentNov 18, 2014
Vainglory is an excellent showcase of what can be done with iOS 8's Metal engine, and exemplary of MOBAs in general. It could even go toe to toe with PC releases. For that reason, it's certainly one free-to-play title that you'd do well to download.
Jade WalkerNov 26, 2014
VainGlory would be a really enjoyable game, but the sexist exterior is a major disincentive for me. Personally, I think small art change in a future update could really do wonders for it and make it a must own.
Matt ThrowerNov 18, 2014
In many respects, Vainglory is an impressive achievement. It cuts all the right corners in terms of getting the game to mobile. The result is a demanding, thrilling game that feels suited to the hardware while retaining the soul of the MOBA experience. It's just a shame that it couldn't squeeze that important plank of a genuinely great mobile game, accessibility, into the mix too.
Gustavo MaesoMar 18, 2015
En general, Vainglory es un divertido MOBA para iOS que acoge a expertos e iniciados al género por igual y que, seguro, irá creciendo en héroes, contenidos, nuevos mapas, etc. Aunque está un poco falto de contenido, apunta alto y peude ser el primer gran MOBA móvil.
PommePhoneJun 22, 2015
Son contenu très riche, ses héros globalement bien équilibrés et sa direction artistique très soignée permettent au jeu de disposer de tous les atouts nécessaires pour continuer à évoluer de manière efficace. Toutefois, la faiblesse de ce MOBA sur smartphones et tablettes repose sur le faible nombre de joueurs et donc sur une réelle dépendance à un travail d'équipe trop parfait, ce qui est malheureusement difficile à mettre en oeuvre.
Iqbal KurniawanJul 02, 2015
Pengalaman penuh bermain MOBA dalam genggaman. Skema free-to-play yang tidak memaksa. Kualitas grafis sangat menakjubkan dengan tampilan yang tajam serta dihiasi animasi halus. Memiliki replay value tinggi karena tidak akan pernah ada dua pertarungan yang sama. Sering mendapatkan update dan tambahan konten.
Carl HernborgNov 09, 2015
Jag måste tvingas säga det igen. Vainglory är ett spel som imponerar på mig på det stora hela. Inte bara i sättet man presenterar den tämligen enkla premissen i en invecklad förpackning, utan framför allt i sättet man skalar bort de lite väl avancerade bitarna och istället väljer att skapa en produkt som känns koncentrerad, lättillgänglig och fruktansvärt underhållande med två stycken kamrater till hjälp.