This War Of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise for iOS

This War Of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise

Mar 27, 2019
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Developer: 11 Bit Studios
Content Rating: Mature


This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise. Original This War of Mine, one of the most successful indie titles of the last decade, provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle - that of civilians. Father's Promise is a standalone story-driven tale set in the universe of the original game. It tells a story of family's struggle to preserve the last pieces of humanity in times of despair and cruelty. Become Adam - a father trying to save his daughter from the horrors of war and escape the besieged city. Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate and sacrifice - the emotions we all share in the darkest of days.

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Campbell BirdMar 29, 2019
I'm glad something like This War of Mine: Stories exists, because the original game sometimes got too caught up in its systems that its harrowing subject matter could sometimes be lost. There were whole playthroughs of the original This War of Mine where I felt like my survivors were suffering more from the game's refusal to explain the ways in which I could help them than the actual horrors of war. This War of Mine: Stories flips the script on that experience, and I couldn't be happier with it. This delivers everything I wanted out of the original game and more, despite not being as open-ended or replayable.
Lindsay MayhewMar 27, 2019
It is a welcome reminder that war isn’t all about the soldiers on the frontlines, that it has a heavy impact on citizens living in war zones. Father’s Promise, for lack of a better term, is a promising addition to the This War Of Mine line-up, and I’m already looking forward to more tears if/when the second episode (The Last Broadcast) comes to mobile platforms.
Tommaso PuglieseApr 05, 2019
La storia raccontata in questo DLC stand alone è molto toccante e coinvolgente, ed è interessante notare come i meccanismi classici siano stati interpretati in maniera alternativa, spostando il focus dalla mera sopravvivenza a qualcosa di diverso per seguire una narrazione essenziale ma efficace. Il gameplay di This War of Mine sente ormai il peso del tempo, ma c'è sempre spazio per una storia degna di essere raccontata.

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