The Tribez & Castlez for iOS

The Tribez & Castlez

Feb 25, 2014
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Developer: Game Insight
Content Rating: Everyone


During any scientific experiment, something might go wrong.Sometimes you can even... travel to another world!Magic rules here: monster dragons hover in the sky, and forests are full of treacherous monster werewolves. Our old friends, Professor and Aurora, will help Prince Eric rebuild his kingdom and protect it from the evil plans of various villains!

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Neilie JohnsonMar 13, 2014
The Tribez and Castlez has some good things to offer, especially if you haven’t played The Tribez. Its audio-visuals have real charm, and it’s fun to watch your kingdom grow. Unfortunately, as much as this sequel draws upon its predecessor, it seems to have learned little from the previous game’s social and monetization mistakes. Because of the latter, it’s not an easy game to recommend.
Nadia OxfordMar 03, 2014
The Tribez and Castles is a solid city-building adventure. It's just a shame it's not more than that, given its mythical setting and promises of magic, danger, and adventure. Players that are wild about city-building games and don't have any major objections to waiting around and/or spending money on in-app purchases might enjoy spending time in Game Insight's kingdom.
Jon LedfordFeb 24, 2014
The game itself is beautiful and the micromanagement is quite in-depth, but being held back from seeing an even prettier outside world takes away from its overall experience.

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