The Frostrune for iOS

The Frostrune

Feb 1, 2017
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Developer: Grimnir Media
Content Rating: Everyone


Unravel a mystery inspired by Viking myth and legend in The Frostrune, a classic point-and-click adventure based on ancient Norse culture and environments. Find yourself shipwrecked on an island after a summer storm. Nearby, a recently abandoned settlement shows signs that its inhabitants left in a panic. Surrounding the village is a dark, dense forest filled with ancient rune stones and burial mounds. Among them are hidden relics and other well-kept secrets that will bring you closer to solving the mysteries of the island.

Gamer Reviews

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Critic Reviews

8 Reviews
Jillian WernerFeb 06, 2017
As a standalone experience, The Frostrune is lacking. But as the gateway to another world, it shines like ice in the morning sun.
Campbell BirdFeb 06, 2017
As much as The Frostrune evokes excellent “puzzle room”-style games, it doesn't quite match the high standards set by games that came before it. It still offers a lot of the same puzzling action, but doesn't quite do so with the clarity to make what you're doing feel purposeful or satisfying. If you're looking for a game like this and have played the rest, The Frostrune will definitely scratch that itch. Otherwise, I would recommend just checking out some of the greatest hits of the genre instead.
André ErikssonFeb 24, 2017
The Frostrune takes Norse mythology, weaves a tale about it, and puts it into a point and click adventure title. It has plenty of atmosphere with great visuals and audio that really captures the feel of the Asatru, and the age of the Vikings in general but it does lack somewhat in the storytelling. What really made folktales big was that they always had some deeper moral lessons to teach the reader, something that is really lacking in this pretty shallow story about looking for different plot devices.


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