The Frankenstein Wars - 19th c. adventure gamebook for iOS

The Frankenstein Wars - 19th c. adventure gamebook

May 18, 2017
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About this game

Developer: Cubus Games
Content Rating: Teen


You direct two brothers who long guarded the secret to Victor Frankenstein’s resurrection technology... until the end of the Napoleonic Wars. A compelling and powerful story where you will meet and interact with great historical characters such as Napoleon Buonaparte, Ada Lovelace… and more! It is a raw, epic, bloody, story-driven blockbuster. You direct both Tom and Anton Clerval, through a branching, non-linear storyline set on the revolutionary France with a backdrop of hellish war with the soul of humanity at stake -and you decide if the brothers become allies, or enemies. Tom and Anton have the power to halt the Zeroistes - or to stoke the flames of all-out war. Decide the fate of the world in this enhanced interactive adventure in the same vein as classic gamebook series.

Gamer Reviews

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Critic Reviews

2 Reviews
Lian AmarisJun 09, 2017
Overall, The Frankenstein Wars is a well-crafted, dramatic, and engaging narrative experience. While short-session play is possible, I certainly recommend longer periods of gameplay if you can do it, to make the most of the opportunities for immersion. Folks who are often torn between playing games and reading a book will definitely enjoy The Frankenstein Wars, and any fans of historical fiction or gothic horror should undoubtedly head into battle against, or alongside, some Lazarans.
Christian ValentinJun 19, 2017
The Frankenstein Wars isn't as complex or expansive as other text adventures, but its unique setting and compelling choices help it stand out within the genre.


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