The Executive

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Jim SterlingJul 10, 2015
Any grievances are minor, however. The Executive is a mobile game done right. It uses the limitations and opportunities of touchscreen controls almost perfectly, it’s easy to get into but increasingly challenging, and its genius in-game economy keeps one coming back for more. It also sports a fantastic catchy soundtrack, a beautiful art style, and some incredible monster designs.
Carter DotsonJul 07, 2015
The Executive is one of the best mobile games of 2015, and is something that you need to play. It's so amusing and so much fun, that you're doing yourself a disservice by not playing it.
Tom ChristiansenJul 10, 2015
It has simple mechanics, quick bursts of gameplay, and each enemy warrants a different strategy to handle. It’s just going to ultimately come down to whether you like 2D brawlers or not — and if you do, The Executive is a very easy recommendation.
Rob RichJul 09, 2015
Honestly though, I’ve been having a really good time with The Executive. I can easily see myself playing it for quite some time to come. If you think the concept is novel enough to justify a look, or if you like having fun, I’d highly recommend it.
Harry SlaterJul 02, 2015
A loud and brash touchscreen brawler with a surprising amount of depth and plenty to do ...And more importantly, on-top of all that, it's an awful lot of silly arcade fun. Which, quite often, is all you want from a game.
Andrea PalmisanoJul 22, 2015
The Executive è un gioco fuori di testa al punto da ridefinire lo stesso significato del termine. Dietro ad un setting tanto assurdo si cela però un prodotto di qualità, originale, ricco di contenuti, che diverte e coinvolge durante tutta la sua durata giustificando appieno il prezzo premium a cui viene proposto. Se state cercando un titolo mobile diverso dal solito con cui intrattenervi in questa torrida estate, l'avete senza dubbio trovato.