Terra Battle for iOS

Terra Battle

Oct 9, 2014
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Developer: Mistwalker
Content Rating: Everyone


A myriad of richly distinctive and diverse foes will confront you on a variety of battle maps. Prevail against them to gradually unravel the mysteries of this strange new world.

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Shaun MusgraveOct 10, 2014
I think Terra Battle is an excellent game, and at least as far as its battle system goes, it might be the most well-designed social RPG ever made. It's better than a handful of the full-priced games Sakaguchi has stamped his name on, to be sure. I strongly recommend trying it, but do so knowing that as good as it is, it's all ultimately in service to the same basic principles every free social RPG runs on.
Daniel TackNov 12, 2014
Terra Battle offers compelling character and combat systems, as long as you’re okay not pushing through the game in a short time. The time-gating energy system is less intrusive than other popular mobile games. ...Terra Battle also doesn’t feature any annoying card battle staples like sacrificing other characters to level up or spending energy to increase the size of your monster box. Even so, I would love to see a full-featured game without the mobile model in the future.
Nadia OxfordOct 10, 2014
Terra Battle is creative, well put-together, and it consistently shows you a good time. It’s not enough to make oldschool Final Fantasy fans forget about the series’ best days, but it’s an encouraging new direction for Mistwalker.

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