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Tempo for iOS


Feb 12, 2015

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Themes: Action
Developer: WarChest Ltd.
Content Rating: Teen


TEMPO - A simple but challenging take on the cinematic action game, where you hit, swipe, and tap your way to victory, following onscreen prompts in timed bursts of action events.

Liberate London and take the city back! Test your reflexes in cinematic bursts of action as you race against time to stop a psychopath and his shady army. Are you quick enough to save the city?

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Carter DotsonFeb 24, 2015
And that's what Tempo is: pointless. It aspires only for pointlessness and reaches those shallow goals. ...Even if you're not good at first-person shooters, you have to learn somehow! Please, do something besides play Tempo! Again, not because Tempo as a product is bad, but it's a stupid game that should not exist.
Tom ChristiansenFeb 16, 2015
Altogether, Tempo is a well-designed game that presents players with an experience that demands precision. Because of its demands, Tempo isn’t a game that I can recommend to everyone, but if you enjoy quick-time events and action games that involve more watching than playing, then Tempo is the game for you.
Lee HamletFeb 18, 2015
Tempo is slick, cool, and stylistically cinematic, but ultimately thats's also its downfall as players will undoubtedly tire of playing such a small role - both tactically and actively. It's a game that shows off the graphical capabilities of iOS gaming, but not the depth of gameplay that should reside behind pretty visuals.

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