Super Hexagon

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James DilksSep 06, 2012
Super Hexagon is hard enough to infuriate, but its competent design makes it inviting as well. This game will invite you to have one more try (taking less than a second to restart), and it'll invite you to immerse yourself and play instinctively too: for a game like this, that's the greatest invitation of all.
Hamza AzizSep 10, 2012
Super Hexagon is a simple, engaging game, perfect for the mobile experience. You'll go in thinking you'll play a short game, but soon find yourself repeating the same level at least a couple of dozen times, quickly jabbing at the screen to restart after cursing loudly from the ridiculous mistake you just made. Each play through is worth it though, as just breaking your own personal record by a second will give you a level of satisfaction you wouldn't expect to feel.
Eli CymetSep 08, 2012
Super Hexagon gets inside your gut and makes it ache for another round, for the surpassing of your previous time, and for an expertise you’re not quite sure you’ll ever attain…but need to.
Cody MusserSep 19, 2012
Super Hexagon is a work of art skillfully combined with monstrous difficulty. The game is both hypnotic and addictive, and unless fast-twitch gameplay entirely alienates you, you’re going to get lost in this sea of shapes.
John PolsonSep 07, 2012
Inexpensive, innovative, and sensory-spinning thrills of this caliber are rare.
Carter DotsonSep 07, 2012
Super Hexagon doesn’t have a whole lot to it with its survival gameplay, but it’s still plenty of fun and I found myself coming back. Fans of Terry Cavanagh’s work and even those unfamiliar with him should definitely check this out.
Chris BuffaSep 10, 2012
Super Hexagon punishes more than it rewards, but the adrenaline rush you get from playing far exceeds any mental anguish. Well, at least until you check out the best times on the Game Center leaderboards. Sobering, to say the least.
Dave FlodineSep 12, 2012
A simple yet addictive game idea with good presentation can go a long way towards greatness, and Super Hexagon definitely fits this description.
Jon MundySep 11, 2012
Tough, frustrating, and a little too twitchy, Super Hexagon is nonetheless a skilfully constructed and compelling game / instrument of torture.