Super Fancy Pants Adventure for iOS

Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Jan 24, 2018
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Developer: Kongregate
Content Rating: Teen


Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen! Super Fancy Pants Adventure is the culmination of a decade of perfecting the Fancy Pants adventures. For the first time on iOS, here comes Fancy Pants man!

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Dec 16, 2020

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Shaun MusgraveJan 26, 2018
If you enjoyed the last Fancy Pants Adventure on iOS, you've probably already jumped on this one. If for some reason you haven't jumped on it and are waiting for a stranger to push you, consider yourself pushed. You'll have a good time. If you haven't played any of these before but enjoy a good platformer, I can assure that this is indeed one of those. If you do not like platformers at all and spit in the direction of Shigeru Miyamoto and/or Yuji Naka and/or Michel Ancel anytime you can confirm their whereabouts, I'm not sure why you are reading this and don't really know what to tell you.
Jon MundyJan 25, 2018
It's difficult to encapsulate the Super Fancy Pants Adventure experience in a 500-word review, because it's not a tightly focused game. It's a whole bunch of ideas fed into a paint gun and fired at the wall. That it all works despite the chaos and a slapdash aesthetic is down to its impeccably tuned physics and controls, and the simple fact that most of its ideas have been executed brilliantly.
Tommaso PuglieseFeb 02, 2018
Il prezzo del gioco viene ampiamente giustificato dalla corposità della campagna, con i suoi tanti livelli, i boss fight e i segreti da scoprire, mentre il comparto tecnico riesce nell'arduo compito di rendere maturo lo stile grafico essenziale che da sempre caratterizza il franchise. Peccato per i controlli touch poco affidabili, ma siamo sicuri che il problema verrà risolto rapidamente.

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