Space Marshals 2 for iOS

Space Marshals 2

Aug 24, 2016
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Developer: Pixelbite
Content Rating: Teen


The sci-fi wild west adventure in outer space continues with Space Marshals 2. This tactical top-down shooter puts you in the shoes of specialist Burton in his struggle against the criminal elements of the galaxy. This isn’t your ordinary dual-stick shooter. The emphasis is on tactical combat and stealth, rather than just spraying bullets, and there’s a story!

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Harry SlaterAug 31, 2016
Space Marshals 2 is a worthy sequel, one full of panache and swagger, and if you like your gaming on the go to have a little more to it than popping bubbles or squishing pigs, then you’re going to lap it up.
Christine ChanAug 31, 2016
I’m not too far into the story yet, but it’s proving to be rather interesting so far, and it’s downright a ton of fun to play. I just wish that the controls were better optimized for interacting with objects, since it’s a bit of a hassle to reach out to the middle of the screen to tap something. Other than that, the game is well worth the money, especially if you’re into stealth and tactical combat games.
Campbell BirdAug 30, 2016
Space Marshals 2 takes what was great about the first game and adds to it ever so slightly. In some ways, this makes it feel like a half-step of a sequel, but it's still great fun.
Carter DotsonAug 25, 2016
If you played the original and loved it, Space Marshals 2 is a better version of that. If you were on the fence in part because of the original game's stealth handling, the new stealth kills might help you out. If you didn't care for the original, or the concept doesn't appeal to you at all, then stay the course. Otherwise, this is a solid way to spend a few hours, even if there's a bit of deja vu.
Trevor SheridanAug 25, 2016
Through it all, it’s an iOS game that you will want to play through in its entirety, and you will enjoy the entire journey. Space Marshals 2 delivers a deluxe iOS experience that is highly enjoyable, and a must have.
Christian ValentinAug 26, 2016
A confident follow-up that evolves its solid foundations with new mechanics, Space Marshals 2 is a must-play entry in the shooter genre.
Fabio PalmisanoSep 01, 2016
Qualcuno potrà obiettare che Pixelbite abbia voluto vincere facile con Space Marshals 2, riproponendo fondamentalmente lo stesso tipo di prodotto sia dal punto di vista tecnico sia da quello ludico, ma se i risultati sono questi ben venga un modus operandi del genere: Space Marshals 2 si dimostra infatti uno dei migliori titoli attualmente disponibili su App Store, offrendo un gameplay ricco e appassionante abbinato a una grafica piacevolissima e a un sistema di controllo semplicemente perfetto per i dispositivi touch.
Iqbal KurniawanOct 14, 2016
Kamu yang belum pernah bermain prekuelnya pun tak perlu khawatir. Kisah dalam Space Marshals 2 bisa dibilang berdiri sendiri, dan tak memerlukan pemahaman terhadap cerita yang berlangsung sebelumnya. Malah, Space Marshals 2 bisa membuat kamu penasaran untuk memainkan game sebelumnya.

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