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Slashy Souls for iOS

Slashy Souls

Feb 28, 2016

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Content Rating: Mature


Slashy Souls – an endless runner with endless ways to die while you’re waiting for the launch of Dark Souls III. In true Dark Souls fashion, there are no instructions and no mercy. Discover different moves through playing, defeat bosses and randomized enemies, and post your high score for a chance to win prizes. No two playthroughs are the same, so you need to git gud to get far.

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Jim SterlingFeb 29, 2016
It’s certainly nothing professional, and it absolutely does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as a real Dark Souls game. That anybody thought this monstrous garbage was a good way to promote an upcoming game speaks volumes about the disconnect from reality videogame executives suffer from.
Rob RichMar 01, 2016
Slashy Souls would be a fun game if it weren’t riddled with so many (honestly amateurish) bugs and design flaws. Maybe one day it will receive an update that allows it to reach its full potential, but until then it’s only worth downloading for curiosity’s sake — if that.
Alex KunzelmanmFeb 29, 2016
It seems to me that instead of building a uniquely satisfying tie-in, they’ve rushed the game out as quickly as possible knowing full well what it is; an ad for Dark Souls III and GameStop. Slashy Souls is just awful.

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