Shurado for iOS

Shurado (iOS)

Shurado for iOS
Developer: GANBARION Co., Ltd.
Content Rating: Teen


Single player strategic dual action game. Multiple death battles displayed with beautiful graphics. This is the story of how an indomitable soul fights his way through the fallen hell known as Shurado and . He managed to get up a number of times where he attempted to climb the stairway to Shurado. Shurado is a game that involves heavy slashing and players can enjoy battling against strong opponents using weapon characteristics and reading of enemy plays.
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Pocket Gamer


Shurado is an undeniable technical showcase, however. Its character models move and clash with convincing weight, and the surrounding architecture is highly detailed. It's all part of a package that will hold considerable immediate appeal for fighting fans and those looking to show off their new iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Whether they'll stick around beyond the first dozen or so rounds is another matter.

Jon Mundy Jan 05, 2018


Shurado è un titolo davvero affascinante, forte di una grafica di grande impatto che ci proietta in una versione oscura e inquietante di una montagna sacra giapponese. Al di là dei semplici meccanismi che caratterizzano le fasi di corsa, in cui bisogna toccare i fuochi fatui sullo schermo per ripristinare energia e oro, il sistema di combattimento messo a punto da Ganbarion funziona molto bene e vanta un certo spessore strategico, nonostante l'immediatezza e la semplicità di fondo.

Tommaso Pugliese Jan 10, 2018