RPG Djinn Caster for iOS

RPG Djinn Caster

Feb 20, 2017
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Developer: Kemco
Content Rating: Teen


These are the cities of Dulshara, hidden beyond the enchanting mirages and intense sandstorms of the vast surrounding desert. The people have long lived vigorously even under the tyranny of the Sultan. However, signs of doom were slowly approaching like a viper hunting its prey. From mass kidnappings by the Sultanate Army to a veiled man acting behind the scenes, a chain of mysterious events arose... One day, the young man Elmir is handed a mysterious dagger by a perishing man on the run from the army. Sealed within it was the manifest power of ancient days... This power is known as "Djinn". With the world facing certain doom from the rise of an ancient evil, the long-awaited hero must seek and obtain power. Now begins Elmir and the Djinns' rise to revolution!

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Shaun MusgraveMar 07, 2017
I ended up having more fun with Djinn Caster than I expected to ever have with a game published by Kemco in its current form. I don't know if it's going to be to everyone's tastes, but if you've ever found yourself pining for the days where you could get a good, solid Eastern-style ARPG without getting a free-to-play shakedown, you'll probably want to give this one a look. The story and cast are memorable, the gameplay is enjoyable, and I really like the style of its presentation. It feels completely unlike anything else in this publisher's line-up, and if you ask me, it's about time.
Harry SlaterFeb 21, 2017
There might not be much new mechanically here, but Djinn Caster has a setting that's likely to drag you in.
André ErikssonMar 04, 2017
Djinn Caster has a solid foundation of mechanics and lore to build a great ARPG upon. Sadly, many important details were missed to make for an appealing game. Flat characters, a really mediocre story mixed with a combat system that grows boring quickly, and a touch of little customisation and choices makes for a really dull ARPG title that lacks many of the alluring features of the genre. It is a fully functional game, but nothing more.


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