Rocket Bot Royale for iOS

Rocket Bot Royale

Apr 21, 2022 NEW
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Note: This game includes in-game purchases. For more info, visit our video game microtransactions guide.

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Developer: Winterpixel Games Inc
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Powerful, wall-climbing, rocket-jumping, artillery-pumping Robo-Tanks are the vehicle of choice in this fast-paced shootout, where the goal is to survive longer than the competition. Collect the loot to upgrade your arsenal, tunnel into the terrain to take cover and collect buried treasure, and avoid the rising water levels to be the BLAST ONE STANDING!

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Campbell BirdApr 22, 2022
There are a lot of ideas happening in Rocket Bot Royale, and most of them are pretty compelling and enjoyable. The only problem is many of these ideas are so thoroughly smothered by the game's monetization systems and blisteringly fast match length that none of them feel like they get room to breathe and realize their full potential.
Harry SlaterApr 21, 2022
Rocket Bot Royale oscillates between cheery carnage and grumpy defeat. It’s too stingy with its cash and even when you’ve got some you might spend it in vain. There’s a great game trying to push out through all of these niggles, but unless you’re willing to really grind through them it’s unlikely you’re going to find it.
むらさきMay 13, 2022
○ 「アストロロボSASA」的な空中制動で、軌道を変えつついろいろなところへ移動できるのが面白い!○ 地形を砲撃で破壊することができ、戦いやすいフィールドに変化させたり、地中へと逃げることも可能!○ PUBGなどのバトロワ系で、水位が上がるコトによって安全地帯が減っていくシステムも良くできている! △ 対戦アクションとしての完成度は高いが、見た目が地味でかなり損をしている。

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