Reed ^_^ for iOS

Reed ^_^ (iOS)

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Reed ^_^ for iOS
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Reed is a tiny creature - the last creation of an old supercomputer. The old supercomputer is now dying and all of his cubes. He’s getting much slower without them! Without the supercomputer, the world is going to end. Can you help Reed and save the world ? Can you collect all the cubes in the levels? It will not be easy!
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As someone who likes a challenge, Reed is an excellent addition to the iOS platformer game collection. I find Reed's cat-like creature to be endearing and rather fitting, seeing as how the internet loves cats. The graphics are a nice tribute to the old classic games, and the tranquil music helps you focus on the game.While the controls work for the most part, they do feel a bit off at times.

Christine Chan Mar 08, 2018

Touch Arcade


There are again 50 levels in total and the game is really on the short side. It gets very addicting however, as the levels are just pretty cool to look at with colors popping about on-screen. If you are in the mood for a new mobile platformer with some gorgeous pixel art to boot, you can do a lot worse than Reed. I ended up completing all of the game's levels wanting more. Hopefully, a sequel or an update will make this happen, but otherwise this is still a solid platformer worth checking out.

Maciej (Mike) Duraj (Lata) May 11, 2018

Pocket Gamer


Reed doesn't take any prisoners, and if that's the sort of experience you're after you're going to absolutely love it.

Harry Slater Mar 08, 2018



Dieter Schmidt May 15, 2018