Rebel Inc.

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Campbell BirdDec 11, 2018
Rebel Inc. is fascinating and fun, but if you find a strategy in the game that works, it works just about everywhere. This doesn’t bode well for a game that doesn’t really have enough story or other content to it to switch things up dramatically, but somehow I still find the game fun. It’s just oddly satisfying to walk through the steps of returning a region to stability, even if the way you go about it is largely the same every time you do it.
Dan N. ScarboroughFeb 14, 2019
Fortunately, the pricing model for this game is fair enough, and it includes a complete unlock, which makes this title very desirable for all the fans of Plague Inc.
Mike HolmesDec 18, 2018
The UI is intuitive and accessible, the theme is explored with tact, and the various systems interact with each other to create a series of interesting decisions for the player to mull over at their leisure. All in all, Ndemic has crafted a mobile strategy game that has plenty to offer to anyone looking to lose themselves in a fascinating and engaging post-war scenario.
Dick PageDec 11, 2018
Initially obtuse but ultimately highly rewarding spiritual sequel to one of the App Store's biggest hits.