Radiation Island

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Nadia OxfordFeb 03, 2015
While Radiation Island doesn't offer the raw fun and imagination of Minecraft, it's still a good time if you're the kind of person that likes pitting yourself against the wild (from the comfort of your couch, preferably with a bowl of hot soup by your side). Just watch your battery power. This game gobbles it up like a zombie scarfing a fresh kill.
Carter DotsonFeb 10, 2015
There's so much game here that the price is absolutely criminal – and there's replay value to be had in not just the multiplayer, but with a hardcore survival mode where one death means game over. I appreciate the exploration mode as well – there's such great sights to see here, that people who don't want to worry about surviving and just want to check everything out deserve to have an avenue to do so. ...It's a massive, and immensely enjoyable experience.
Greg SrisavasdiFeb 03, 2015
Radiation Island is a game that may require hours of dedication, but considering it’s a survival adventure that hits almost every creative note, that shouldn’t be a problem.
Tom ChristiansenFeb 03, 2015
With an engaging story, great visuals, and a user-friendly mindset, Radiation Island is certainly a game that those intrigued by the genre – veterans or not – should check out.
Harry SlaterFeb 04, 2015
Radiation Island is an intriguingly ambitious survival game, and for the scope of its vision alone it deserves a good deal of praise. It might not be the perfect fit for mobile, and there might be a few niggles here and there that keep it from greatness, but there's something impressive and compelling about it all the same.
Luke SandersFeb 15, 2015
I personally had no issues or gripes with the game running on an iPad Air 1, gameplay is smooth and there us plenty of it to go around. I really had hoped, however, for another slice of narrative aside from the Tesla Towers because after these are conquered, there is little to do than explore. But hey, that’s what DLC is for right? Nevertheless, be sure to pick this up for an absolute bargain price with a ton of game time sure to put even the most dedicated gamers through their paces!
Tommaso PuglieseFeb 12, 2015
Radiation Island per molti versi trascura la sua natura di mobile game per abbracciare un approccio in qualche modo hardcore, con una fase iniziale molto lenta e spigolosa, per nulla aiutata da un sistema di combattimento debole e approssimativo, che poi però lascia il posto a un'azione più coinvolgente, a tratti spettacolare.