Prison Architect: Mobile for iOS

Prison Architect: Mobile

May 25, 2017
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Developer: Introversion Software
Content Rating: Mature


Escape from reality but not from your custom-made jail! Prison Architect: Mobile challenges you to build and manage a maximum security prison, from laying out cell blocks and inmate facilities, to managing staff pay and prisoner morale. From layout to execution (literally, in some cases), you are the architect, the warden, and the enforcer. Prison designs will include basic necessities like cells, canteens, guard rooms, and infrastructure, but players can also include features like solitary confinement, workout areas, and even an execution chamber. The tablet version comes with enough to get started, with additional story-driven campaign chapters and more features available as premium content.

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Tasos LazaridesJun 20, 2017
Overall, Prison Architect is a pretty deep simulation and management game that offers ton of things to do and ways to play. Don't let its cartoony looks deceive you; this is a pretty hardcore and demanding game. If you like classic PC management games, you're going to love Prison Architect. If you don't care to dive deep into a game and are simply looking for a light game to pass the time, Prison Architect might not be for you.
JeremyJun 03, 2017
Prison Architect: Mobile is an amazing game in its current state, but unfortunately there are a couple of bugs skittering around. There were several times where the UI would just “stick” and we wouldn’t be able to do anything, effectively soft-locking the game. The game seems also slightly unstable, as we encountered a couple of crashes. That being said, Prison Architect: Mobile is a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable game.
Campbell BirdJun 05, 2017
It's hard to look at Prison Architect and not be impressed by it. Even with some of its techical issues, it's one of the most fully-featured management sims I've ever played. It's a game that somehow creates fun in an extremely dour and complex setting, all while handling its sensitive subject matter with remarkable grace.

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