Photographs - Puzzle Stories for iOS

Photographs - Puzzle Stories

Apr 3, 2019
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I think you should play Photographs. I tried to make it a little bit different from most games. It sort of mixes puzzle and narrative in a ( hopefully ) interesting way. You might get stuck on some puzzles, but you should never not know what you need to do to proceed. So what do you actually do? Well, you search around and solve puzzles, and as you do so you'll be developing a scene in front of you and hearing a story. I want to the story to really stand out, so the game has got really beautiful pixel art and top notch music, combined with gameplay and narrative beats that individually would do a pretty good job of telling that story, but come together to really make something special. It's a pretty short game too. I would say about three hours. There are loads of games these days and who has time to play them all? I've tried to keep things as condensed as possible rather than add filler, to be as respectful for your time as I can be.

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Campbell BirdApr 03, 2019
In case I haven't driven this home enough, Photographs is an incredible game. It's moving, challenging, satisfying, atmospheric, and smart at every turn. Photographs feels and plays like a singular creative vision that's been distilled into a potent little puzzle game. You absolutely must play it.
Lindsay MayhewApr 03, 2019
When I think about it, Photographs seems like it’s everything, narratively, that is lacking in 10000000 and You Must Build A Boat. Gone are the frenzied decisions, often thoughtless motions, replaced with a shorter game with arguably less replay, but a narrative and structure that will allow for it to linger in your mind longer than the other two. The term “video game" doesn’t feel right when Photographs is more than that: it truly is a haunting experience of human nature and compassion, depression and connection.
Harry SlaterApr 03, 2019
Photographs is a genuinely unique puzzle adventure that deserves to be played by as many people as possible.

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