Penarium for iOS


Apr 27, 2017
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Developer: Self Made Miracle
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Penarium is set in a sinister circus arena, where contestants, much like Gladiators of old, are forced to entertain a sadistic crowd. In this frantic 2D arena arcade game, you take on the role of our quirky antihero Willy who, to survive, is forced to run, jump and avoid an array of killer death-traps. Succeed and Willy will become the Champion of Penarium. Fail and he will die in a most horrendous way, much to the delight of the baying crowd.

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Nik Ives-AllisonMay 05, 2017
Penarium features great gameplay guided by tough challenges (and tougher opponents), solid graphics and an interesting concept – what’s not to like? If you’ve not already downloaded the game, it should be added as the next item on your to-do list.
Carter DotsonMay 22, 2017
Penarium is an entertaining enough arena platformer. It will test you and frustrate you, but keeps things from being overly complex for better or worse. It's entertaining, I like the art and sound work, and the dual aspect of campaign and arcade modes though I would like more of a link between the two for progress. If you like arena platformers, you can get a lot of fun out of Penarium, though it's a game I have a few misgivings with. But still, I find myself compelled to come back again and again. And hey, with Super Crate Box's time limited thanks to it not being updated to 64-bit yet, what else are you gonna play?!
Christine ChanMay 09, 2017
On top of it all, the game is fairly humorous thanks to the wacky ways that Willy can die for the audience, and the ringmaster has some funny bits of dialogue as well. Overall, Penarium is just a fantastic game that should not be missed.

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