Part Time UFO for iOS

Part Time UFO (iOS)

Part Time UFO for iOS
Genre: ActionAdventure
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Content Rating: Everyone


Part time worker, full time UFO! In Part Time UFO, fly a UFO around and complete odd jobs. Help out at a farm, support cheerleaders, cook up the ultimate dessert at a restaurant, build castles, and much more! Wherever the UFO goes, there are sure to be plenty of jobs waiting. At the center of all this is the UFO's super special awesome claw! Use the claw crane to grab, move, and stack objects to complete jobs.
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I only found Part Time UFO by chance, but I'm so glad I did. The graphics are sweet and enchanting, the sound design is amazing, and the controls are responsive. It does take some practice to master the physics sometimes, but it's still enjoyable. Plus, playing dress up is fun and gives you some useful abilities.Part Time UFO is available on the App Store as a universal download for your iPhone and iPad for just $3.99. There are no in-app purchases.

Christine Chan May 09, 2018

Nintendo World Report


It’s refreshing to find an entirely self-contained mobile game that doesn’t have in-app purchases and doesn’t require a constant internet connection. Sadly you can reach the end in one play session and it doesn’t take much longer for 100% completion, but it’s worth the price of entry for the joy of that Nintendo polish in mobile form.

Karlie Yeung Mar 01, 2018

Touch Arcade


The only remotely negative thing I can say about Part Time UFO is that it does end eventually. You'll probably need to replay many of the stages to finish all of the hidden goals, but sooner or later those 25 stages will be exhausted and all of the costumes will be unlocked. I think the enjoyable mechanics make it fun to go back to levels and see what kind of different results you can get, but some might be turned off by a paid game that you can play through in just a few hours of dedicated play. If that's you, well, with all due respect, you can go kick rocks. Part Time UFO is great, and I hope this isn't just a one-shot effort from HAL.

Shaun Musgrave Feb 28, 2018

Pocket Gamer


Problems? Sure, there are a few. There are only 27 levels and even fewer settings, there's no proper iPhone X support, and there's no iCloud save facility. Now that I've got that out of the way, I can return to making a house out of balancing monkeys, tugging a reluctant sea urchin from the sea bed, and making the perfect salad for a snooty chef. You really should join me.

Jon Mundy Mar 02, 2018

Game Reactor


However, when it comes to complaints, that's really all we've got. We wanted more, and we wanted to see the idea used in more ways, because the near-thirty levels we played through were great fun, whether we were flinging sumo wrestlers around, stacking turnips, or catching fish. Part Time UFO is such a charming little game that it's easy to overlook the frustrating moments, and if there's ever an expansion or sequel, we'll definitely be grabbing it with both hands.

Mike Holmes Mar 09, 2018


Part Time UFO è un gioco graziosissimo che trasuda "Nintendosità" da tutti i pori, al punto che potrebbe benissimo essere un titolo eShop per 3DS senza nessun tipo di problema. La meccanica di gioco, semplice da comprendere ma intrigante da approfondire, cattura fin da subito l'attenzione spingendo ad affrontare una missione dopo l'altra e a ripeterle per completare tutti gli obiettivi. Considerando il prezzo contenuto e la bontà del gameplay, il debutto di Hal Laboratory su mobile si può dire senza dubbio promosso.

Andrea Palmisano Mar 15, 2018