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Christine ChanFeb 02, 2018
Visually, PAKO 2 is a unique blend of handcrafted, highly detailed environments with low-poly vehicles and explosions. The game is rendered in 3D and has an angled, top-down perspective so you can see everything happening on screen in a single glance. PAKO 2 has five huge areas to drive in, and they're all quite different from each other (the desert, downtown, snowy mountains, and more) but pack in a ton of fine details, such as lighting, shadows, and textures.
Campbell BirdJan 31, 2018
PAKO 2's style carries it a long way, particularly when you first start playing it. As you get further into the experience though, the more you feel like there should be some amount of additional depth. The stuff that is in PAKO 2 currently is good and–more importantly–very cool. It would just be a more satisfying game if there were more to it.
Harry SlaterFeb 01, 2018
A fast-paced and often manic driving game. It'd be a crime not to give it a go.
Tommaso PuglieseFeb 15, 2018
PAKO 2 è un sequel eccellente, che consolida e arricchisce la formula originale consegnandoci un'esperienza davvero convincente e divertente. Gli enormi scenari sbloccabili, molto diversi l'uno dall'altro, e le tante vetture che potremo acquistare nel corso della campagna danno vita a situazioni uniche, in cui vi troverete a effettuare stretti tornanti nel mezzo di scorci urbani intricati oppure a lanciarvi da una collina verso una landa desertica, il tutto mentre decine di pattuglie vi inseguono e voi rispondete al fuoco.


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