PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

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Jillian WernerAug 19, 2015
It’s still the same Pac-Man that you can imagine being featured in tournaments — both universally accessible and painstakingly conquerable — but without the predictable grind of the historically static boards. The best parts of Pac-Man are still here, and all the new features are now some of the best parts of Pac-Man.
Heather NewmanAug 22, 2015
The endless-runner platform gives the game an edge the original lacked, and the different ghosts and power-ups add strategy to what was a rote memorization game. The light swipes of the controls can take a gentle touch, and you’ll definitely want to just buy the unlimited credits rather than put up with the freemium annoyances. It won’t entertain you for day-long stints. But if you like Pac-Man, this version is a must for your phone.
Trevor SheridanAug 20, 2015
Pac-Man 256 is the best game of Pac-Man to date with a great balance of classic styling and new age simultaneous objectives making it an absolute must have iOS experience.
Daniel Adrian SanchezSep 04, 2015
Unlike other mobile Pac-Man games, PACMAN 256 is built from the ground up with mobile in mind, so it looks, feels, and runs great on any device. The visuals and soundtrack will definitely bring back a lot of memories. It’s free to download and play. It’s free to play, but it comes with ads and the freemium model makes you pay for necessary upgrades, taking away the joy of the Pac-Man experience.
Carter DotsonAug 19, 2015
If you love Pac-Man, Crossy Road, or just good games in general, play Pac-Man 256. It sounded like a great idea when it was first announced, and it's as great as it possibly could have been.
Jennifer AllenAug 26, 2015
While being free, you don’t have to worry about an energy meter with credits only used if you want to activate a power-up, but longevity is going to be the issue for PAC-MAN 256. It’s great fun for a time, but you’ll soon start to wish there was more of an aim to what unfolds here.
Craig GrannellAug 21, 2015
Gaming's roundest hero gets a second great game for his second wind. Very different from DX, and in many ways just as good. Get them both
Sergio MartínAug 17, 2015
En definitiva, Pac-Man 256 es un título que apuesta por recuperar gran parte de la jugabilidad tradicional de este clásico personaje que cumple 35 veranos, aportando ciertos elementos adicionales que aportan diversión. Sí, puede resultar monótono a medio plazo si no le cogéis el gusto, pero eso es algo que sucede con muchos de los títulos de vertiente endless runner.
Cristian CiuranetaAug 15, 2015
Seguramente no sea el título más vistoso a nivel audiovisual de su género, ni tampoco el que logre mantenernos pegados a nuestros dispositivos táctiles durante semanas, pero sí logra entretener en momentos puntuales gracias a una propuesta sencilla y directa a más no poder. Estilo retro, guiños a una de las sagas más reconocibles de la industria ‒lo del glitch 256 es impagable‒, música totalmente reconocible y un modo free-to-play nada intrusivo son sólo algunas de sus encantos. No pasa de ser un título al que recurrir muy de vez en cuando, eso sí, con el pique entre amigos asegurado gracias a sus tablas de clasificación online. Diversión ocasional sin más pretensiones en iOS y Android.
HioleAug 24, 2015
Pac-Man 256 se révèle être une petite perle qui touchera aussi bien les fans du mythique personnage jaune que ceux des petits jeux mobiles addictifs. La collaboration Bandai Namco / Hipster Whale se trouve être une réussite totale puisque le titre n'a rien à envier à d'autres et possède largement de quoi séduire puristes et nouveaux initiés malgré son genre très différent de celui des anciens jeux du glouton le plus connu de l'histoire du jeu vidéo.
Alessandro ZampiniSep 03, 2015
Intelligente, potenzialmente infinito e mai avaro di situazioni caotiche ma gestibili Pac-Man 256 non solo è un atto d’amore all’opera di Toru Iwatani, ma la dimostrazione tangibile che se fatto con talento e rispetto è serenamente possibile andare a disturbare i mostri sacri e traghettarli su piattaforme frivole come smartphone e tablet.
Iqbal KurniawanAug 24, 2015
Keseluruhan konten pada PAC-MAN 256 bisa dinikmati tanpa mengeluarkan uang sepeserpun. Developer memang menawarkan berbagai jenis IAP, seperti untuk melipatgandakan perolehan koin atau mendapatkan jumlah energi tidak terbatas. Namun, semua IAP tersebut bersifat opsional. Sistem energi di sini sama sekali tidak membatasi lama permainan. Saya dapat dengan bebas mengulang kembali permainan sesuka hati tanpa harus menunggu energi terisi. Energi hanya diperlukan bila saya ingin bermain dengan menggunakan berbagai macam power-up, atau ingin melanjutkan permainan setelah kalah satu kali.