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JeremySep 01, 2018
One Hour One Life's unique premise and simple presentation give it undeniable charm. Leave your mark on the world by collaborating with other players in real-time to create a community that is truly owned by the players. You are a small part of something much bigger, but that's not a bad thing.
Maria AlexanderAug 20, 2018
One Hour One Life might seem like it trivializes one of life’s immortal truths, but it also challenges you to do something with the time you have. This is a lesson we can all stand to learn.
Jordan ThompsonAug 23, 2018
One Hour One Life is niche and has a high barrier to entry, an experience that will likely make you lose faith in humanity but gain it back on your next life. The biggest downfall of One Hour One Life rests solely on its current controls that, while not horrible, are just inaccurate enough that I charged up my Apple Pencil to assist in the precise actions of crafting and assumably can be adjusted and fixed in future builds of this growing game.
Brent DirksAug 21, 2018
One Hour One Life isn’t your typical mobile game. In fact, it’s completely unique, and it contains a profound message about how to spend the time you have.
Brittany VincentOct 01, 2018
An intriguing survival game that forces real-life players to sustain each other as the clock ticks down, one minute (year) at a time.
Monkey MikeAug 23, 2018
Une partie qui dure 60 minutes c'est court, surtout lorsqu'on prend en compte l'ampleur de la tâche à accomplir, mais c'est la règle de base de One Hour One Life for Mobile et il faudra faire avec! Cette contrainte vous amènera à jouer de manière complètement inédite et de penser collectif, ce qui est encore trop rare alors donnez le meilleur de vous même et apporter votre concours à cette société naissante qui n'attend que vous. Sa complexité générale et ses commandes pas toujours simples à appréhender pourront clairement vous donner du fil a retordre mais cela rendra le défi encore plus beau!