Neon Chrome for iOS

Neon Chrome

Nov 16, 2016
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Developer: 10Tons Ltd.
Content Rating: Teen


Neon Chrome is an infinite twin-stick top-down shooter with procedurally generated levels and destructible environment. Choose your character, enter the elevator and try to bring down the Overseer - again and again. Neon Chrome is an endless symphony of fight, die, improve and repeat - many players have over 100 hours logged!

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Campbell BirdNov 16, 2016
Regardless of looks, Neon Chrome is a well designed and super fun dual-stick shooter. It's sheer amount of content and systems is bound to keep you playing it over and over for a good long time.
Carter DotsonNov 17, 2016
I have to say, Neon Chrome might shake out as one of my favorite games on iOS this year. I love action roguelikes, roguelites, whatever you want to call them. And Neon Chrome, between its theme and accessible structure, really clicked with me in a way few other games do. While the die-hard roguelike fans might prefer something different, those who want something with a bit more upfront for players will want to check Neon Chrome out.
ANDY CHASSÉDec 03, 2016
I’m really only scratching the surface here, and there’s a lot more that makes Neon Chrome such a fantastic game that I haven’t mentioned yet. There’s the dark but colour-spiked atmosphere, the extensive collection of unlocks, and the sprinkling of hidden areas to uncover. Oh, and...wait. I’m getting carried away, so I’ll stop right there with a final message for you: if you like twin-stick shooters with roguelike elements, you need to add Neon Chrome to your library right now.

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