Need for Speed No Limits

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Noel CatherineOct 16, 2015
The different cars that you can pick from are colorful and fun, a great mixture of conventional cars and the extra special additions that you could never have in real life. The sounds add to the game instead of take away from it like they have in the past. The game says there are over 2.5 million different combinations that you can have, so you don't have to worry about running into someone with the same car. Like other customization and racing games, this one takes up quite a bit of room on your phone. It can also eat away at your battery while you play.
Brittany VincentOct 21, 2015
If you're a fan of arcade racing or looking to add another mobile racing title to your collection, you could do a whole lot worse than Need for Speed: No Limits. In fact, I'd recommend it as a primer for what's to come in the full-sized version of what will likely be a very similar racer for the current-gen consoles this November.
Jason FaulknerOct 05, 2015
Need for Speed: No Limits is a faithful mobile rendition of the long-running franchise. There are a few issues that prevented me from fulling enjoying the title, especially with the controls. However, for those searching for a way to take racing on the go, this title might just be the one you’ve been looking for.
Nathan ReinauerOct 06, 2015
And yet, I can’t deny how satisfying it is to unlock a new car in No Limits and suddenly have a bunch more races to play (since each car unlocks a side career). Plus, the game looks great and the actual racing is super fun, which is pretty important. It’s disappointing how stifling the free-to-play stuff gets several hours in, but that initial play time is really solid.
Dan VlasicOct 07, 2015
Need for Speed No Limits is a fun game for a casual player. It offers a lot of free content, short auto-accelerate races, lots of upgrades and grinding, plenty of in-game currencies, wheels of fortune and a multiplayer tournament. It's a good time killer.
Harry SlaterOct 01, 2015
This is a huge game, in pretty much every area, but if you don't want to dip into your pocket you're going to see parts of it over and over again as you try and earn enough money to make your wheels spin faster. Still, the payment structure doesn't get in the way of the raw, petrol-stinking enjoyment too much. If you're a funny of pointlessly gritty cop-bashing Fast and Furious nonsense, then this is well worth checking out. Technically there are limits, but if you can get past them you'll find a big shiny racer here.
Kevin-JOct 07, 2015
Néanmoins, et contrairement à son nom, ce Need for Speed s'encombre de limitations qui viennent un peu gâcher le fête. A commencer par ce bon vieux système d’énergie qui limite le nombre de courses qu’il sera possible de disputer durant une session de jeu. Ces limitations gâchent donc un tantinet le plaisir que l’on éprouve par ailleurs à jouer au titre d’Electronic Arts. Néanmoins, et pour peu que l’on ne soit pas trop réfractaire au modèle économique du titre, Need for Speed : No Limits reste un titre solide, fun et très agréable à jouer.
Tommaso PuglieseOct 10, 2015
Il modello freemium implica una serie di vincoli che però durante le prime ore non influiscono sulla qualità dell'esperienza né la limitano in alcun modo, consentendoci di progredire senza problemi e di sbloccare nuove auto e nuovi potenziamenti, questi ultimi secondo un sistema a "tasselli" diverso dal solito. Dispiace dunque che si sia scelto un approccio alle gare così "sintetico", un vero e proprio limitatore che impedisce al gioco di esprimere tutto il proprio potenziale.
Petter HegevallOct 15, 2015
Grafiken är bedårande dock. Jösses så det ser ut! Jag har väl i stort sett aldrig spelat ett snyggare spel till min mobiltelefon och nya Iphone 6S Plus renderar hela kalaset utan tillstymmelse till instabil skärmuppdatering eller andra tekniska blessyrer. Men grafik, urläcker presentation, väl utbyggt uppgraderingssystem och flera ordentligt smaskiga, licensierade sportkärror räddar inte detta från att kännas som en lite väl strömlinjeformad och lite väl girig produkt.