MouseBot for iOS


Apr 3, 2017
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This game includes in-game purchases. For more info, visit our video game microtransactions guide.

About this game

Developer: Vector Unit
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Dodge giant metal Kitty Krushers, leap over mouse-grinding Roller Graters, evade scary Mines and Lasers, and platform your way across pools of bot-melting Acid on an epic quest for cheese and freedom. Conquer over 65 challenging platform-style levels as you delve deeper into the mysterious laboratories of CatLab and uncover the cats' nefarious plans. Collect epic piles of cheese, and transmogrify that cheese into new skins and accessories for your robotic mouse. MouseBot: Escape from CatLab is a zany and exciting platforming game that will test your reflexes, skills, timing, and love of cheese!

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Campbell BirdApr 05, 2017
MouseBot offers up some light and cute puzzling, but it's a little hard to control. Losing lives and having to wait, pay, or watch an ad to replenish them can feel a little frustrating when you feel like the reason you failed is the game's fault and not yours. Although there are checkpointing systems to mitigate this issue somewhat, it feels like a cheap solution. Because of these issues, MouseBot is hard to recommend.
Jillian WernerApr 19, 2017
MouseBot is still a great addition to your runner or racing library. Its colorful aesthetics, extremely friendly economy, and difficult dodging challenges are all hugely appealing, and the entire game has been polished to a sheen by Vector Unit. We hope future updates introduce a wider variety of obstacles, layouts, and challenges, but in its current state, MouseBot is a fun arcade experience that won’t cost you any cheese.
André ErikssonApr 09, 2017
MouseBot: Escape from CatLab is an enjoyable freemium title with the potential to be even better. But while it is a fun title, it is impossible to ignore how repetitive it feels after a while, due to the unnecessarily steep difficulty curve. Overall, it is still a worthwhile experience for these fans of runner games that are looking for something slightly deeper with a finite goal.


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