Moonshot - A Journey Home for iOS

Moonshot - A Journey Home

Apr 22, 2022 NEW
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Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Content Rating: Everyone


Moonshot is a physics-based puzzle game where you play as Moon Pi, a young moon separated from Mother Earth. Using slingshot mechanics and navigational puzzles, help Moon Pi trek across the mysterious universe to finally get back home.

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May 2, 2022

Moonshot is a cute physics game where you help the moon reach his home planet and capturing stars along the way. It uses the same tried and tested 'gravity' mechanics so common in games of the same genre. An added layer of complexity comes in the form of multi-planet systems, blackholes, and other planetary bodies that can affect a system's gravitational field.

In the end, it's a really simple and familiar game. It's easily forgettable but good for enough for quick arcade session.

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田中一広May 01, 2022
○ 重力の影響を読み、どんな移動ルートで飛ばせばいいかを考えるパズル性が新鮮で楽しい! △ 見た目的にはほかの引っ張りアクション作品と似ている上、やや地味…。けどプレイすれば印象が変わるハズ。
Giorgio MelaniApr 29, 2022
Confacendosi alla tradizione classica del puzzle, Moonshot: Viaggio verso casa si basa su una meccanica basilare semplice e reiterata, ma progressivamente arricchita di nuovi elementi. Non è una sfida che richiede grandi ragionamenti o abilità ai controlli, configurandosi piuttosto come un passatempo tranquillo e sostenuto anche da un aspetto decisamente piacevole, ma con l'avanzare dei livelli può comunque causare qualche grattacapo e richiedere più di qualche tentativo per completare i vari passaggi.

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