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Jeff MarchiafavaApr 07, 2014
The game only features ten levels, with the first few serving to introduce the basic gameplay mechanics. Only the final levels hit a satisfying length and complexity, and then the game is over. That shouldn't detract indie fans from partaking in Monument Valley's wondrous journey, however, which has already landed on my short list for mobile game of the year.
Daniel NewApr 10, 2014
Monument Valley never quite lives up to the expectations you might have for a game inspired by Esche,r and it would be good to see the format pushed a little further. The hope is that the add-on levels being developed by Ustwo will provide a sterner test of the old grey matter. Nonetheless, Monument Valley is highly recommended and proves to be a delightful, and delightfully bite-sized, way to spend an afternoon.
Jillian WernerApr 07, 2014
Monument Valley is a technical and aesthetic accomplishment that rewards players with beauty, originality, and grace at every turn of its ten stages. Its world is illogical yet understandable, simple but complex. Its puzzles will rarely baffle, but are capable of surprise. Completing Ida’s journey is satisfying, but leaves a hole: we can only hope for Stage XI, “In which our emptiness is filled.”
Carter DotsonApr 03, 2014
I find myself really conflicted by Monument Valley. On one hand, it’s so beautiful, an absolute artistic triumph that I don’t regret having experienced – and anyone who puts in the time and money won’t regret it. But as a game, it felt like it could have worked better, done more with this incredible world. I suppose the best way to look at it is that Monument Valley‘s ‘game’ is a delivery system for experiencing the incredible world. But it could be better.
John Llewellyn MartinApr 08, 2014
Monument Valley might seem a mite steep, as far as iOS games go, at $3.99, and you can finish the experience in a short amount of time, but it is worth every cent. You’ll find yourself entranced with each level and thinking about the geometry in ways that you never thought possible. It’s very much like the indie hit, Fez, but on a more muted, smaller scale. This is an absolutely gorgeous game that must be experienced by anyone with an iOS device.
Stephen GillespieApr 11, 2014
The atmosphere of Monument Valley is also impressive. There’s a strong feeling of isolation, but not an antagonistic one. There’s a peaceful loneliness to the game and an air of mystery. The princess has some business in this land, but that business is a secret. Story telling is somewhat vague, but this works. It all adds to the genuine serene nature of the game, something that just washes over you as you play it. It’s a game that rewards engagement, but also rewards a passive participation. Everything seems to be geared towards the feel of playing the game and it’s a rousing success.
Danielle RiendeauApr 03, 2014
Monument Valley doesn't overstay its welcome — with ten sections, each with a few screens, it took me about three hours to complete. But those hours were special. Monument Valley features brilliant design, with puzzles that somehow always made perfect sense, even though I was playing as a wall-walking princess in a pastel-hued world. The experience was short and sweet, but it stayed with me like a dream I didn't want to forget.
Rob CrossleyApr 17, 2014
Monument Valley is completely unique yet achieves what all conventional adventure games strive for; a mystical, bewildering adventure into the beautiful unknown.
Jaz RignallApr 15, 2014
Everything in this game comes together to deliver a memorable experience. In an odd, nebulous kind of way, Monument Valley reminds me of Journey in the sense that it draws you in to the point where the outside world almost doesn't exist - just like a really good book can do. Yes, it's all too brief, but to me its brilliance transcends its brevity. Regardless of length, it's a superb example of video gaming, and one that I think could well qualify as a piece of gaming art.
Janel TorkingtonJun 03, 2014
The flawless art enables Escher-esque illusions, requiring you to consider the space in a way I've never before seen in any puzzle game, much less an app. The sound design is also lush and detailed. It's wholly and completely worth the entrance price, an enchanting and elegant experience of a game.
Shaun MusgraveApr 03, 2014
To fans of experience-focused games, and you know who you are, you should assuredly pick up Monument Valley right this minute. It's a feast for your senses, is mysterious and vague enough to keep you thinking, and has a great, snappy pace to it without ever feeling rushed.
Edge StaffApr 03, 2014
As an enigmatic whisper of a narrative concludes in delightful, uplifting fashion, you’ll likely be left wanting more. A lack of variety and challenge arguably holds this slight but distinctive tale from reaching the very upper tier of iOS games, but Ustwo’s crisp, pastel-coloured worlds stand tall as monuments to the medium’s – and its players’ – rare ability to make the impossible possible.
Yesi LiveraApr 04, 2014
Untuk segi presentasi, kualitas grafis Monument Valley tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Pewarnaan grafis 2D yang halus, penggambaran air dengan gaya low poly dan tentu saja presentasi impossible object yang jenius membuat saya tidak bisa tidak memberikan nilai sempurna untuk grafis game ini. Monument Valley adalah game yang benar-benar berkualitas baik dari segi gameplay maupun presentasinya. Sehingga tidak salah jika ia dinobatkan menjadi salah satu kandidat terkuat GOTY 2014 (game of the year).
Lonnie IshamApr 07, 2014
From the visuals and sound to the controls and difficulty, everything about this game just works. If you’re looking a new experience that doesn’t take hours to complete, you should invest the time it takes to explore Monument Valley. It’s a truly nice place to visit, and you may end up wanting to live there.
Pete WorthApr 13, 2014
Although it can be conveniently completed in a single sitting, the experience leaves you, somewhat strangely, both satisfied and craving more. Its resolution is sublime but you’ll be eager to re-enter its dream world the moment you’ve left it behind.
Adam CookApr 04, 2014
Monument Valley is the kind of game that reminds us why diversity is so important: colourful and magical in its presentation, and just exactly as long as it needs to be without outstaying its welcome. For less than the price of your lunch, you could spend an hour or two in the outstanding world that ustwo have created. If you own an iPad then there’s absolutely no reason not to be playing this. Buy it today.
Harry SlaterApr 03, 2014
It's a short, revelatory slice of almost perfectly pure gaming that stands as an example of just what mobile gaming is capable of now. A brilliant, breathtaking, and brief adventure, Monument Valley is every bit as good as it looks.
Alex BeechApr 22, 2014
Monument Valley is not only an exquisite piece of craftsmanship, but a genuinely delightful adventure with more 'wow' moments than most million-dollar blockbusters.
Oskar NyströmApr 20, 2014
Towards the end, as we investigate an extremely complex box inside and out, or when we follow a set of stairs into the ocean and onwards underground as the music appears to interpret my progress in real-time we really get how special this game is. There is no need for further convincing. That still leaves the last, most challenging and entertaining level of them all, and after its completion we cannot help but laugh and shake our heads.
Sergio MartínApr 07, 2014
Monument Valley es una auténtica explosión de arte en movimiento, una aventura repleta de puzles que posee un valor artístico incalculable. Y sólo por eso debería ser disfrutada por cualquier jugador que se considere amante de esta industria. Es casi imposible no caer rendido ante esta excepcional producción, que posee un inmenso número de cualidades y pocos defectos que sucumben ante el peso de las primeras.
Albert GarcíaApr 22, 2014
La historia enigmática de Monument Valley quizá puede tener algún significado para aquellos que sean capaces de encontrarlo. Uno prefiere verla como la excusa para darnos la oportunidad de escapar durante un rato a este bello y misterioso mundo de escaleras y puertas hacia lo desconocido creado por una compañía de la que no dejaré de seguir su trabajo. ...Monument Valley es una pequeña experiencia con principio y final que un día jugamos y de la que guardaremos un buen recuerdo.
Jörg LuiblJun 03, 2014
Das ist ein sehr stimmungsvolles, angenehm kreatives Puzzle-Abenteuer! Schade nur, dass es nach zehn Kapiteln und knapp drei Stunden schon vorbei ist. Denn Monument Valley verströmt mit seinem orientalisch anmutenden Artdesign und seinen drehbaren Labyrinthen etwas Zauberhaftes. Das Spiel mutet wie ein kleines Artefakt an, das man Level für Level mit der kleinen Ida erkundet. Dabei ist es nicht zu verkopft oder komplex, sondern eher intuitiv und sanft anspruchsvoll.
JihemApr 10, 2014
Comme une parenthèse bienfaitrice au milieu des puzzle-games, tower defense et autres free-to-play pernicieux qui pullulent sur mobiles, Monument Valley nous invite à un voyage sublime, hors du temps, hors de la réalité. L'escapade est courte, mais une telle bouffée d'air frais se refuse difficilement, surtout que les développeurs ont déjà promis qu'ils réaliseront d'autres chapitres.
Jorge LoureiroApr 18, 2014
Monument Valley pode ser equiparado a outras experiências nos videojogos que promovem mais o seu lado artístico, nomeadamente as criações da thatgamecompany, e como tal, é facilmente recomendável para quem apreciou Flower e Journey. É um daqueles casos curiosos em que o jogo se torna mais num objecto de apreciação do que um meio de entretenimento, despertando um estado de contemplação no interior humano.
Manuel StanislaoApr 14, 2014
Nonostante una longevità non eccelsa e i €3.59 necessari per poterlo scaricare dall'App Store, Monument Valley si rivela un must have per tutti i possessori di un dispositivo iOS, nonché una delle più incredibili esperienze disponibili su qualsiasi piattaforma in commercio
Stefano TalaricoApr 07, 2014
Splendido, affascinante, ingegnoso e mai frustrante nonostante il genio visionario, Monument Valley è un puzzle game che, pur con la sua breve durata, riesce a rapire i giocatori grazie a una direzione artistica tremendamente ispirata e a una vicenda di fondo misteriosa, ma capace di portarci in mondi impossibili e, per questo, indimenticabili.