Monument Valley for iOS

Monument Valley

Apr 3, 2014
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Developer: ustwo
Content Rating: Everyone


In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.

Critic Reviews

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Jeff MarchiafavaApr 07, 2014
The game only features ten levels, with the first few serving to introduce the basic gameplay mechanics. Only the final levels hit a satisfying length and complexity, and then the game is over. That shouldn't detract indie fans from partaking in Monument Valley's wondrous journey, however, which has already landed on my short list for mobile game of the year.
Daniel NewApr 10, 2014
Monument Valley never quite lives up to the expectations you might have for a game inspired by Esche,r and it would be good to see the format pushed a little further. The hope is that the add-on levels being developed by Ustwo will provide a sterner test of the old grey matter. Nonetheless, Monument Valley is highly recommended and proves to be a delightful, and delightfully bite-sized, way to spend an afternoon.
Jillian WernerApr 07, 2014
Monument Valley is a technical and aesthetic accomplishment that rewards players with beauty, originality, and grace at every turn of its ten stages. Its world is illogical yet understandable, simple but complex. Its puzzles will rarely baffle, but are capable of surprise. Completing Ida’s journey is satisfying, but leaves a hole: we can only hope for Stage XI, “In which our emptiness is filled.”

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