Miles & Kilo

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Shaun MusgraveMay 12, 2017
Miles & Kilo is everything you could want from a follow-up to Kid Tripp. I love the sensible improvements it makes to the Wonder Boy formula, and the level designs are spot on. The new moves and additional character help keep things fresh, and the amount of content feels just about right. The game's rather adorable retro-style presentation is also a winner, lending it the image of a console "big brother" title to the original's handheld game. Those who love a good platformer will want to add this one to their collections immediately.
Rob RichMay 17, 2017
Sure I’ve got some minor quibbles about Miles & Kilo, but the game as a whole is plenty enjoyable. The slight but appreciated variety it offers is nice, it doesn’t treat players like infants, and it manages to be tough without resorting to frustrating punishment. All in all, it’s not a bad place to get marooned on.
Campbell BirdMay 19, 2017
Miles and Kilo is simply a great platfomer with old school roots. Because of this, it's pretty unforgiving. With the help of some amazing controls and an instant restart mechanic though, Miles and Kilo's difficulty ends up feeling immensley rewarding instead of unfair.
Harry SlaterMay 11, 2017
Miles and Kilo is a brilliant game through and through. It's clearly been put together with such love that it's almost impossible not to get wrapped up in it. It's like a blanket. Albeit a blanket that sometimes punches you in the throat and cackles at your failures. And if that sounds like your sort of thing, you should get it downloaded right now.