LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham

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William BessetteSep 21, 2015
LEGO: Batman Beyond brings a panoply of Justice League characters to your mobile device. If you love Legos and you love comics, prepare to enter the world of Lego: Batman Beyond! While it has much to be proud of, it has a few flaws.
Shaun MusgraveJul 03, 2015
The loss of the open world doesn't hit this game quite as hard as it did LEGO Lord Of The Rings or even LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes, and its story and characters are fun enough to keep you entertained even while you're doing the same old smashy-bashy we've been doing the whole series long. DC fans in particular will have a hoot with its nods and winks, while everyone else can enjoy a decent, if not terribly exciting, action game.
Jessica FisherJul 08, 2015
LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham is fun, ridiculous, and includes some amazing voice acting. If you're a fan of the other LEGO titles you should have a blast with this one.
Harry SlaterJun 29, 2015
There's fun to be had here, and it's an impressive and extremely playable mobile port, but if you've already grown a little weary of the Lego games, there's nothing here that's going to shake you out of that malaise.
Sergio MartínJun 30, 2015
Warner aprovecha el gran lanzamiento que ha supuesto Batman: Arkham Knight para traernos una versión para iOS del exitoso LEGO Batman 3: Más Allá de Gotham. Esta edición es casi un calco aunque presenta algunos recortes importantes, pero a pesar de ello sigue siendo un título notable y bastante simpaticón.